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Happy One-Year-Closer-To-Your-Grave Day! 
Erm, make a wish and blow out the candles!

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No mention of Stranger's Wrath?  That is one of my favourite games ever.  Maybe it was just a timing thing, but I played through it so many times, each time soaking up the story, characters and setting.  Oddworld knows (knew?) how to do stories in videogames.

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Well, we don't know if it is for definite or just temporary, so I am going to remain optimistic.  Probably hopelessly so.

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I love the Oddworld games.  The universe has such a charm, the characters are strong and the story is excellent.  The gameplay in the two Abe games is frustrating though, and if someone was to play them now without having played them before, they would probably quit quite quickly.  I'm still a fan though, and I do wish Oddworld Inhabitants returns to making games.

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 @Atlas said:
" The best thing to take away is that Sony is positioning their system to be very strong in 2010. God of War III is already dated for 2010, and unless a miracle occurs, GT5 will also be 2010. The two biggest system sellers coming in the same year. And who knows, by 2010 the economy might be on the upswing. But for all the positives for the brand, they need to take advantage of this opportunity and improve the features list with cross voice chat and backwards compatibility. This strategy could well cement the PS3 as the most successful system for the remainder of the console cycle."
So, you're of the opinion that Sony will do well if the economy gets better?  It won't get better that quickly though; it could be about five years before we're back on track.  Sony is looking to be in a wonky place for 2010, unless something drastic happens.  That said, I would like to be wrong.
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@dbz1995:  I'm not making Mr Domino up.  Ryan has said a few times on his twitter that he would like to do a Mr. Domino Quick Look.
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No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!

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@torus:  It sounds to me like he's from Nothern Ireland.  Not sure where exactly though.
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This is why Eve (or EVE?) is the most interesting MMO out there.  Other games might have better mechanics but as a social thing Eve is boss.