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Minerva's Den for BioShock 2 was well worth the price though.

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That's tragic.  I hope the wife and unborn child make it through okay.

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Ireland here (just in case that makes a difference). 
1.  Student 
2.  6 or 7 
3.  6 or 7 
4.  4 or 5 
5.  4 or 5 
6.  Quality of game. 
7.  Somewhat Important 
8.  Internet websites. 
9.  19 - 30.

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Running through the list, here are some thoughts: 
Vault Boy is on the list.  Does he count as a character? 
Glad to see HK-47 on there, meatbag. 
Funny to see Dante from DMC there.  I almost forgot about him, but he is a good character in the first and third games. 
The Prince of Persia is there, but they use the Warrior Within image, which is a poor choice. 
Alice from American McGee's Alice?  Really?  Was she any use?  That seems really odd. 
Brucie from GTAIV?  This list is weird.  I wouldn't call him a "great" character.  Same with Kratos and Master Chief. 
Good to see Link and Mario though. 
SHODAN is in a fitting place, I think. 
Also, interestingly there are no Oddworld characters.  That is probably a crime somehow.

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@mylifeforAiur: I'm still excited about just Lego.  It's the bee knees, the dog's bollocks and the cat's arsehole all rolled into one (ewww).
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@TheMasterDS:  I am very interested in Limbo.  I'll probably buy it the day it is released.  Lara Croft and Hydro Thunder don't really interest me that much. 
Monday Night Combat could be good, but the thing that makes TF2 so great is the continued free support and a sense of community.  This being Xbox Live, I can't imagine there being any free content.  But it could be fun for a while. 
Castlevania is probably worth playing.  It's Castlevania... but nice looking.  I don't know, but it could be pretty cool.
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The d-pad on the 360 one is interesting.  I wonder if its better than the stock one.

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Another from Ireland here.