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It amazes me that companies are willing to lose sales removing them from the #1 online pc game retailer. If I sold games I'd be devastated if dropped from Steam, to actually choose to do so and think you'll come out ahead is amazing. I was actually thinking of paying $20 extra to get FC4 on Steam vs. Ubi reseller because last time I didn't buy from steam I later regretted it, that price difference would've worked out in Ubis favor even when losing money to steam (heck they gotta lose money to other resellers as well and amazingly it's always cheaper to buy from reseller then direct).

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Hope Amazon Prime members get ad free twitch.

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I hope you have a great time in New York Vinny, you are the funniest guy here. I look forward to your future content.

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Huh? Wait it's not April 1, is it? How far did we spring forward..

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Ugh, losing one of the best development teams. Would've enjoyed more big production games from Levine and his large studio.

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I find it hard to imagine that PVZ2 would get Apple any additional sales, can't see why they would pay out any money or anything of value for some days of exclusivity.

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Amazing, had no idea such nonsense was happening at PayPal. Sounds to me like they're going way beyond cautious in these situations.

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I think a large problem is that limiting a Kickstarter to Ouya if even for just 6 months would limit the pool of interested consumers immediately. I would expect Ouya owners to fall into 2 categories: those that buy many gadgets and have some excess cash, and those that can't afford a 360, ps4, or wiiu. I don't see the first group buying in as they'd rather play a game on a better platform like the 360 or pc. I don't see the second group being large enough for a kickstarter game to reach a reasonable target, unless it were something major in which case it wouldn't be targeting Ouya.

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Great stuff guys.

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Sold, put me down for 1.