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Sold, put me down for 1.

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No fucking way, never dreamed of seeing this. Leaves one speechless.

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And he certainly isn't the only one I was perusing users on steam a couple weeks ago and it's frightening the time MANY DOTA2 user put in. I thought Steam spending a mill on a tournament was probably a waste of money, but looks like they'll make plenty of it.

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I enjoyed seeing/learning more about Gilbert at GIantbomb and honestly everywhere since his kickstarter. However I don't think he added a lot to the already crazy Double Fine group. I think they will do just as well without him and he'll hopefully enjoy working with a different set of capable developers elsewhere in future project(s). My only concern is if he leeches any of Double Fine's developers, designers, or artists down the road.

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What's up with women, it's an over the top zombie game. If they showed a mutililated zombie attacked penis statue I wouldn't be offended and feel like they were attacking men. Sheez, get a grip and quit thinking everything is an attack on your sex.

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Count me in, never played GW1. Am enjoying GW2. :) Now I'll have to throw on my Lincoln Force tee when playing.

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A perfect match!

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Divine Divinity was great I liked it better than Beyond Divinity (didn't care for that much) and even Divinity II and Gothic games.  I loved the summon spells (and I think freeze) and improving my lockpick skill, felt like a true RPG where you notice the difference in your level ups. 

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I would like to be able to import all my steam games into my collections list.  As well as from my XBox Live profile.  You already access achievements in steam, how about adding those games to a person's collection?

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 It's great that games have come so far that now I can not appreciate them. 
I've gone back to finish F.E.A.R. as I remembered it being a real challenge for me and enjoying it but never finishing it.  I am enjoying it again, but not finding it near as challenging.  I guess the level of today's FPS games has prepared me well for the games of the past.  I can't get over how the rooms/areas seem so dead a crate here, a table there, a magazine on a desk that looks like every other desk.  They look as if a person tried to make them feel real and failed.  It's funny how it's so unnatural and doesn't feel real at all that I then appreciate how a person tried to make it feel real.  I think of having played BattleField Bad Company recently and how the environments there just seem natural and I don't think "man a person put these trees here and snow there and did up this wall".  I don't appreciate/think about the work that went into it at all as it seems natural versus trying to seem natural. Do you agree that it's great that games have come so far that now we can not appreciate them?

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