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Bastion, Limbo, FTL, Brütal Legend, Mark of the Ninja, McPixel, The Showdown Effect, Amnesia: Dark Descent, EDGE. All separate keys. Let me know if you want to trade for something. Willing to DM codes if we can strike a deal. First come first serve.

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XBox360 Slugworth5

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Was shocked and blown away when I heard this. So sad. Condolences to all his friends and family...

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So I feel like I was really good at Fifa 10. I would kill all of my buddies without a problem. Now with Fifa 12 I am getting my ass handed to me by the same friends. I feel like I'm not doing anything wrong when I play but constant goals against prove that theory wrong. I am wondering if there is anyone who is willing to friend up and play some matches online and give me a few pointers. I play on xbox. I really seem to have a hard time keeping the ball and cannot for the life of me figure out the trick moves or protecting the ball. Would really like to get better at the game but at this point I have a hard time wanting to put it back in my system. I know the giantbomb community can help me out.

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I accidentally downloaded the patch on the 360 and it has completely jacked up the game. Pre-patch I wasn't experiencing any of the problems that had been reported. Now the game is nearly unplayable. Glitching to the point that it freezes the xbox. Didnt have this issue until the patch. Cant get shout words from dragon walls. I have 70+ hours in the game and now I cant play. Pretty shitty

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3d is not going to ever work as a main feature of why I should buy something. That's why I wont ever have a 3ds

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Manuals are a must for most sports games with all the different button combos and whatnot. try playing fifa 10 without the booklet and you will never be able to pull off some of the better stuff in the game

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@ep_driver: If you don't like it don't play it. If your looking for something more "realistic" go play call of duty
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Come on we all know the goggles are going to be crap

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