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Great. Just great.

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Ears in Diablo 2!

Totally agree with points into the Luck skill.

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I'm pretty sure a few of you have seen this. However, it's super informative to the subject!

Pennies begone!

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Hope the employees can find jobs without too much trouble. Regardless, down with that cancer of a company and their practices.

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Getting mad at people for having an opinion and then backing up the right to have an opinion?

Ironic thread is ironic.

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This is the best post on all of the internets.

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I didn't see this until now. Thanks for the link! I enjoyed.

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I would personally skip Oblivion. That game is amazing, but after Skyrim it is very outdated (which is a good thing).

I think if you played Oblivion then moved onto Skyrim, you'd probably get worn out and not be able to enjoy Skyrim fully.

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Thanks for the hell of a write up, Alex. It was awesome to read. Totally not "the usual" article and that's what made it interesting!

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@Underachiever007 said:
" @Slunks said:
" I love the handful of people in this thread claiming that it's "socially unacceptable" to cry when playing a video game. Yet, people have been crying over movies for decades. Yet you are typically more engaged with a video game since you are more involved with the world, characters, and story around you. It's a pretty low claim to come from a part of the Giantbomb community. To stay on-topic: Lost Odyssey Okami Final Fantasy X (some moments, though it may feel a bit out-dated by now, who knows) Braid (the wtfsuprise flipped my whole brain upside-down) ...and a good amount of others. But these are good examples of games if your looking for that experience. "
I don't think it's socially unacceptable, but I've yet to encounter a game well-written enough to make me cry. "

I respect that point of view. at. I can agree that most games just aren't at that level yet, but some are and do provide that sort of emotional content. One day, maybe you'll experience that. In the end, no matter what medium it is, it's just a writer affecting its audience. But calling people who have cried over a video game "social retards" as someone did earlier is just the same as calling someone an emotional freak for crying over a movie, book, or play. It's all the same thing: a story.