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Trog, I'm with ya. I like Dan and enjoy his company, but man... he IS in 90% of all Quick-Looks, Bombcasts, UPFs, and pretty much anything that isn't one of Patrick's editorials.

It's not that I don't like him, but I do miss the other combinations of guys more often.

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Lost Odyssey ---> Whole game had me bawling. Every 1,000 Year Dream scenario I think at --the least-- got me tearing up. I think this is my "emotion game" fo' sho.

Okami's ending had be bawling.

Transistor had some spots, but the ending definitely got me.

The Darkness 1 (Jenny's stuff)

These games will touch yo' heart. But I'm a sap.

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Research is gonna be your biggest asset to investing. I prefer investing into dividends to get a long-term snowball effect, while others prefer into the buy-sell method. There are several other ways to go about it and this site probably isn't gonna give you the best professional advice. I would like to say that don't expect a get rich quick thing to happen. I think a good idea is to go for the mid to long-term results and not fall into the trap of losing all of your money to get rich quick. It just doesn't happen unless you get extremely lucky. Also I think penny stocks are terrible, but some people swear by them.

Again I'm not super well-versed in investing and I advise looking elsewhere.

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Great. Just great.

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Ears in Diablo 2!

Totally agree with points into the Luck skill.

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I'm pretty sure a few of you have seen this. However, it's super informative to the subject!

Pennies begone!

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Hope the employees can find jobs without too much trouble. Regardless, down with that cancer of a company and their practices.

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Getting mad at people for having an opinion and then backing up the right to have an opinion?

Ironic thread is ironic.

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This is the best post on all of the internets.

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I didn't see this until now. Thanks for the link! I enjoyed.