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Dead Space 2. I really loved the first game and never got around to picking up and playing the second. I'm working on my second playthrough then it's onto the dlc! :P

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@Jimmy775 said:

Shadowrun was an incredibly balanced, fun, team oriented multiplayer shooter that was more satisfying and complex than a lot of shooters released recently.

I loved that game when it first came out. Had such a blast teleporting through walls and slitting peoples throats making them hide under those trees begging for their life to be spared. Good times.

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@immike said:

Pokemon is ok to play even as an adult.

Anyone who plays games shouldn't think anything else.

Assassins Creed games are boring

Doom 3 is awesome

Darksiders 2 blows the first one out of the water

Borderlands isn't good

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I get them for many reasons. I love the twitch shooter game play in multiplier and the campaign is always really good to me. It's short but solid.

I also really like the variety of maps that comes with the game. 14 maps plus nuketown? Look at halo 4, 4-5 less maps. I'm super pumped for halo 4 as well, but CoD always surprised me with how many maps it launches with.

To add to that, the holiday season just isn't the holidays without playing cod. lol.

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I agree. I never understood why so many people loved that map to death.. I thought it was alright, but there are much better maps out there.

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I'm a huge fan of WW2 shooters and am so bummed to see how saturated the market is with modern day shooters. I know they were done to death in the past, but I feel like there's always a place for a WW2 shooter. The first two Brothers in Arms were great, all the Call of Duty games with a WW2 setting were pretty good. Except for maybe 3. For CoD specifically, I felt that it was a good thing for them to swap settings ever other year to change things up a bit. Anyone else feel the same way as me? Or am I just high?

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You know, you could of got a decent monitor and it would of worked just fine. Hell, I suppose if you bought a desktop, you could of brought both! lol. But for any college student who dorms, I would say PC gaming is much more practical.

As for me, I switched to PC gaming quite a few years ago. I switched mainly because I wanted to play games that weren't available on consoles such as WoW. Over time, I noticed that games were cheaper, looked better, and some/most games could be modded to tweak it to however I wanted, there seemed like no reason for me to keep playing consoles. Plus, there are a lot of really old games that still have sizable communities. I was playing Neverwinter Nights online on a random server where some guy basically built the whole world from scratch back in 2010. I hated playing CoD2, A game I really enjoyed the multiplayer of, and finding next to no one playing it on xbox.

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holy shit.. I thought jeff was LEAVING... sooooo happy it was just the termination at Gamespot they were talking about.. thank the lord.. I'm really interested in hearing what happened!

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I recently got an iphone 4s and love it. I use to have the Droid until it started to freeze on me and lockup on any app I used.. I also got grandfathered into verizons unlimited data so I don't have to worry about going over on my data plan. :D The only downside is that my bill is expensive as shit.

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@stryker1121: I also do have to note that there is not targeting system in the combat which is a slight issue. Mixed in with weird camera angles, it can be somewhat of an annoyance when getting attacked by multiple enemies. This only happens once in awhile though and it's really not that bad.