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I had it happened again yesterday, this time i were able to close down the video by pressing down space, then esc

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Hello.. I was watching the Titanfall video in fullscreen and then when i pressed escape(to go back to standard size) this happened.

I weren't able to scroll horizontal or vertical so i couldn't get to the video controls and the only way to get it working was to refresh the tab with cmd+r.. This computer is a MBP 13" and is running the latest version of Safari and Flash on OSX Mavericks. This has only happened once for me since the new player was released but if you are able to find out what happened.. well that is the reason why i'm posting it here.

Best Regards

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Have you ever wondered how well built a X360 is?

This x360 had a rrod and the capacitors were fried so i though we would test how it performes versus a baseball bat

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Beer is the real tosspot.. and i hope everysingle indiedeveloper ignores that fucking idiot. Not only did he attack Fish and Blow.. He attacked everysingle indiedeveloper. Comparing indiedevelopers to fucking hipsters and such.

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When people upload edited twitter feeds on reddit.. I won't believe a shit they say. Look at his own twitter feed and NEVER EVER trust the f***tards on reddit. Never EVER trust MrBeer either for bashing someone and then being WRONG. This is a screencap sure.. but you can just look at it yourself here Http://

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@hailinel: No after being treated like shit by the media and the internet. Reddit likes to edit twitter feeds to make him look like an asshole. You shouldn't believe something that comes from Reddit or the journalists at all. For an example Marcus Asshat commented on a false article. Phil and Jon were asked to comment on rumors and they said that they weren't going to comment on a rumor. After the interview was done before it was released the news broke that xbox one supported self publishing so the limey asshat from GI edited the article and then Mr Beer read it and started the shitstorm that ended it all.

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What? :O This is sad.... :(

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Rest In Peace Ryan..

Also Marcus Beer did a episode honoring Ryan on Annoyed Gamer

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I cant believe it yet... Rest In Peace buddy.