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@wwfundertaker: You have a TV license fee... but are you required to pay the fee if you own a telephone, computer, gaming console or tablet?

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Yes. It's true.

The swedish government now forces every single PC/MAC owner to pay a fee of 300US$ per year for owning a PC/MAC. This new law also includes Cellphones(even non smart) and tablets. The fee is a TV licence, because SVT (Sveriges Television Public radio and TV) wants PC/Mac owners to pay for their online service even if you don't use it, instead of making it a premium service. Every single device that can go to or is now forced to pay 300$ a year.

This is just to f***ed up to be true.. I live in Luleå,Sweden and i don't own a TV and the only "TV" i watch is from pay per view shows, youtube and Netflix.. ofc i watch giantbomb.

How stupid is this from a level of 1-100... i think 10000000 but that's my opinion.

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Great now the half life or portal film will look like EA DICE made it.. LENS FLARES EVERYWHERE!

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The whole game is awesome. The intro is the best and i don't know how to add a spoily thingy so i wont type it.

Far Cry 3

A mission in FC3 when you have Skrillex in the background when you do your stuff that i wont spoil.

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This is simply to keep the non serious dudes away..

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Wow that list is totally ballz..

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This is just effing wierd.. in Sweden Game is a lot cheaper and better then Gamestop.. frankly there is no competition even... At game you can buy pre-owned games for about 30-50% cheaper then Gamestop and we pay a lot more then you guys from the beginning 699kr = ~103,5$. I bought GTAIV pre owned at Game for ~25$ and the price for GTAIV pre owned at Gamestop was ~43$

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Tackar / Thank You

I decided to make it into a video also..

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Swedish,English and German.

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I Don't know why it became 2 topics :S