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@OneManX: The problem with your idea is that GO is supposed to move 1.6 out of the Esport scene and just take over.. that's their goal with it.

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@AnimalFather said:

what a awful campaign...i should have learned my lesson with MOH. and the MP i rather play Gears waaay more fun.

trolololo lolololo ha ha ha ha haaaaaa

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@laserbolts: It's a little bit slow but it is the first one i ever made so it will be better after a while.. now i pinpointed a few thing i need to do to my winter war shortie.

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Now it's finally time for the game to arrive and the only thing is that you americans are lucky.. i need to wait another 36 hours for the release event in sweden...

This is the first time in a few years i'm excited to play a game and it's just....

In august me and my friends went out in the forest and recorded a short battlefield fan film and later on i hid more game relative content in it.. can you find them all? :)

I directed the order to be like a single mission from a first person shooter.. Start with the mission briefing and then go for a calm transport to point B at point B the action starts to build up in a slow pace until Point D were it's all in.. then going back to the calm way at the end.. =D Every single sound in the whole film is added in post production

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@Xeiphyer: Tutti Frutti is basically candy that's made to taste like different fruits... but with sugar.. xD

@Dalai: Erhm no?

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Soda/Energy drinks


Energy drink sold in a glass bottle shaped like a handgrenade with a few different flavours Blueberries,Pear and Apple and awful stawberry and something i don't know what it's.


Energy drink that tastes exactly like burn except it's half the price.

Vira blåtira (Vira "Blackeye")

Soda that tastes like tuttifrutti and is colored blue (it actually makes your tongue blue)


A soda popular in the northern part of the country and is called the "national drink of northern Sweden" it's basically a soda flavoured with orange and apple.



Is a candy bar with a chocolate cover and a soft caramel center. Is available in different flavors like liquorice,currant,caffe latte,tutti frutti and salty liquorice.

Marabou Mjölkchoklad(Milk Chocolate)

Very basic.. a milk chocolate bar.

Jungelvrål(Jungle Roar)

Sour "sugar" liquorice


Like a chocolate covered wafer... but it actually tastes better... way better.

Hockey Pulver (Hockey Powder)

Is a salty liquorice powder. The secret to eating this is pouring some powder on the lid and lick it up =)


a candy car with a chocolate cover and almond "knäck" (like a toffee but have a hard consistency) Is also made into other kind of products like Daimcake,Daim ice-cream and daim-cappuccino.

Ahlgrens Bilar (Ahlgrens Cars)

Marshmallow cars with different flavour. Red = Stawberries, Green = Apple or Pear and White = Regular marshmallow. Later released as a sour and liquorice flavour.

Well now i had enough of writing this... it's almost 5am..

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@Fizzy: Kinect,Move,WiiU... do i need to say more reasons?