Really TNA? Really?

Promo of TNA Sacrifice 2009

Word? Man, in theory I always taught that having someone cosplay as a videogame character in the media would be cool... specially if it were in reference to a great game such as Gears of War...specially if it were a cool character as Marcus Fenix... specially if it where someone with the physical build to kinda pull it off aka a wrestler. It's just that for some reason the poster rubs me the wrong way and looks kinda lame IMO.

Maybe if it have been Batista (WWE) doing the cosplay it could have been better... but at this point I seriously doubt it (maybe if they did it in a movie of Gears of War which would make it a more stylized cosplay... naaah). Theirs something that bothers me with this promo add for the PPV, I just can't put my finger on it. :S

Doc Louis Needs To Lay Down The Ganga

Have you seen his pic on his wiki entrance?

Doc Louis - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!
Boy, like I see why he is always so calm... he gets high as a kite before each match to not get nervous and transmit that confidence to Little Mac.

Even if that's not right, his eyes still look super creepy.


Merry Christmas!

Well as protocol being in any blogsite community... a Merry Christmas blog is in order. Hope you all got what you wished for and had a nice time with those that mean something to you.

My gift to the community? An anime gif. (Can't say of who or whom but those who are up to date with a certain manga know who I'm talking about... and know this gif is friggin SWEET!)



Fan Or Fraud? I Give It My Best Old Snake Impression.

So? What do you think? Am I a fraud or a fan of MGS4? (Click to Enlarge)

Putting an end to my MGS4 wait // moustache days. The razor was just half an inch away before I taught of taking the pic. Appreciate shit!

Give me your feedback. If you like the pic give me a comment high five. XD



From Shania Twain To Kevin Little... Weird Message From The Cosmo

Yeah so as I'm surfing a little something known as the Internet... I kinda like to here my Mp3's on my PC on Winamp (my personal best choice for this task, unless you know of one better) and by the "Shuffle" option, because I have alot of variation on my Mp3 list.

So the shuffle began on Shania Twain - You're Still The One (FYI: I'm not gay I just heard it around the time I was in sixth grade when Shania Twain was popular and it got stuck in my mind) and as the song went on and I uncounciously started to listen to the lyrics... I think I went a little gay for a couple of seconds and taught to myself: "Wow... thats a nice message... I wonder what it's like to have a person like that in your life".

So right there and then as The Cosmos//Universe//God//Gantz taugth I was crossing over to the other side a bit too much, it reeled me back and as soon as the song ended it began playing Kevin Little - Turn Me On and it began talking about a girl telling the dude to "push it harder back on me" and I taught: "F*** Shania Twain! This sounds so much better! ".

Just when you think you're maturing... you realize you're still a horny teenager inside.


I Feel Dirty Thanks To Sarah Palin/SNL

Very funny mock interview of Sarah Pailin by Katie Couric.

Its based on the train wreck of incoherence that was the real interview.

What I do have come is to 2 conclusions:

  1. If you Gringos vote for this Pailin (through McCain) you are in for a very dangerous ride. I heard that Matt Damon was worried since its apparent that McCain might not make it through his tenure [should he win] and the free world would be in hands of this beauty pageant contestant (real fact!, look it up). I mean, is it true that she was considered VP on McCain's side after a 15 minute conversation by phone? WTF?!
  2. I feel very dirty to find such mature women hot. I feel even dirtier to find Tina Fey as Pailin and a preganant yet nicely toned of makeup Amy Pohler hotter then the characters the are making parody of. Some time my body has unnatural reactions I have yet to comprehend.
Oh well, at least its nice to see some relief among that big bailout "almost collapse for the North American economy" scare going around in the world.

Are they real players or morons?

Watch the vid first.


I like that this was reported... in May but I just saw this. What I don't agree with this vid is that they treated these kids like they were innocent children who just wanted someone to play to. WRONG! First, they knew who and where to call, and they were playing WOW and anyone who have touched an MMO knows that they are time and life consuming forces. OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, they probably made the call during a bathroom break but as soon as they went back to playing WOW they just forgot about it or where more entertained by the game to put attention to the ladies.

Oh and did WOW come out for X360? This little detail makes me doubt the vercity of the reproted news. Unless they where playing both at the same time.

1000 ladies... Wow! Thats alot, even for women but then again women do suck you dry of cash.

My opinion... they are neither players nor morons, they are guys. Just like the rest of us, if we find something entertaining we will not pay attention to anything near us and sometimes waste our time on o stuff that can be recuperated later on... and sometimes their are oportunities that come very very very few times in life.

P.S. I hate that you can't ask for coke nowadays without people thinking you have a drug addiciton.

Heidi Montag Is A Media Whore

I love this vid.


Really, I don't live in the US, but I get MTV and I've seen The Hills and OMFG, I can't believe people actually see this. I mean I get the following appeals:
  • Survivor (Basically the LOST plot but brought to real life)
  • American Gladiator (the new one is junk, but the old one was awsome and a  common man vs "strong" people or lthe classical Shadow of The Colossus deal )
  • Deal or No Deal (Will he/she win it or not, a quick changing gamble)
  • Big Brother (strange vouyerism fetiche)
  • Dancing With The Stars (strange dance fetiche?)

... but The Hills? First of all how can people even believe it's unsripted? NO such lame or corny shit happens in real life. From what I've seen, she lives like with another blonde girl in some apartment like almost near the beach. IN WHAT WORLD IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Please tell me, really! I wanna go there, where girls that for the most part don't work can afford that type of property or yet alone pay for rent while her dirtbag boyfriend does absolutely nothing yet wants her to give "it" up for free. If she gives up and concedes, then that would lke downgrade her from a whore to a skank / V.D. sceptic tank.

Anywho, this just come back to my point of MTV and it's crappy productions.

Also, MAN! I really have somethings to regret as of today. I really regret not having known or at least followed more of Outkast in my middle school / high school years. SInce back then I really hated the world and lashed out in many ways because I basically taught most if not everyone but me where assholes, I would fight desrespect my elders, etc.... which those last points I regret nothing of but I do regret that for a long time I really heard no music at all. People would just like hear music and I never even talked about it because all I did was play videogames or just watch TV or study on down time. Literally I heard 50 In Da Club song like 6 months after it premiered and I went the next day to class and just started to talk how I hear a cool new singer that impressed me and they teased me since the song had been sounding on the radio for months and I knew nothing about it. I was so out of tune that I can clearly remember the first time I actually heard the radio for more then 5 minutes. It was a weekday (it felt like a Thursday), at night, in front of a "bodega" / chinese food kiosk and it was the day they premiered "It wasnt me" by Shaggy. That's how much of a moment it was for me to hear the radio with attention for the first time.

Going back to the Outkast deal, so during these day I heard the Ms. Jackson song and I liked it but I was so fed up with other things that I forgot about the duo and didn't take any intrest in them again until like 2005? I think... when the Hey Ya and "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" thing was in the style. Weird thing is that I lost continuity of their work again, specially since that album was like a double disc thing going on and that like got me confuesed because in the Hey Ya vid only Andre 3000 was in it and I taught that Outkast was over. Some months later I realised it was like some weird creativity aspect the duo had tried out. Later on I really got lost from Outkast  when so much time had passed and I again taught they had broken up or something (maybe they have by now, I don't know) when Andre 3000 only appeared in movies... which is a move many music artists do and leave their music career unattended for a long while i.e. Will Smith.

Just a few hours ago while booting my PC up and having a Linux scare (that's a story for another blog), I heard on official page of The Young Turks (the political channel on Youtube that uploded the above vid) during the commercial break a song in the background and taught it was fresh and cool and just wanted to know who was singing it. I type the lyrics on Google and I go: "Fuck!"... it was "So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast from their 2000 album Stankonia... which is also considered among the best albums of all time. I was like, man have I missed out on stuff and it came out during my middle school days! Man!

I guess I really don't have a punchline here. What I do want to advice is to not just center themselves on just one genre of music because you could really miss on stuff from other genres and try not to think that stuff is stupid or dumb before trying them out... don't go oh pop / reggae / metal is for dorks / emo / stoners, etc... beacause thats kinda how I felt about some music choices back in the days... I mean it wasn't something as extreme as being racist but I was kind of a dick and misjudged many things because I guess I was searching or lost at the time. I guess I'm still searching for something and walking that very long road but the difference now is that I stop to the sides to smell the flowers from time to time.


I think it was Murat who wanted more song choices, so I'll try to screen shot my music folder or I don't know how to import my library but I put it up on my next blog for everyone to see it. If anyone can show me to how to print or translate my media library to Word I'll be thankful.

If you haven't already... go and check out "So Fresh, So Clean" by OutKast and listen to more of their work cause its pretty good.

Last, those who want to know more about the US political scene but with dashes of entertainment or "gossip" to lighten up such a heavy subject... go to channel  and you loose nothing by looking. Its not the Daily Show but its more of a Bombcast / Podcast type of feel to it. Well thats how I feel it  when watching the vids... you can actually just hear it and not watch the video part and still understand it, like a podcast. The channel has main clips from their like weird daily-ish 3 HOUR videocast on their official site.  Don't worry they are not pro this and against that, they are liberal and call either Republican or Democrat sides on their bullshit, but as of lately you will hear kinda like they are piking on one side more *cough* Republican camp *cough* because the facts are really against McCain and his "MILF" of a vicepresident. Thank you David Jaffe.

Thats it. EJECT !!