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Your right, but then again any place would be better with a hot tall blonde chick. Am I right or am I right? (hi5)

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If you like Cowboy Beebop then you should probably give Samurai Champloo a chance. Both are like from the same director or something. Plus Samurai Champloo is kinda like Cowboy Beebop only that instead Cowboy bounty hunters you have Ronins and instead of jazz music u have hip hop (j-rap I think they call it).

Hey you dont loose anything by trying, right?

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Conan #1. Ferguson isn't that bad, I just like to watch him when some guest are set to appear like Kristen Bell, Ewan McGregor, Carrie Fisher, etc. Jimmy Kimmel is fun to watch at times. Mostly on the shows Youtube channel.

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"God of War fans, does this give you exactly what you're looking for?" I don't know Brad, that sounds a bit condesending IMO. The game still great.

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Did anyone actually watch Kudo do that silly gesture or took a pic of it?

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Its like Ryan is a Pokemon trainer... only instead of Pokemon its... trash cans... hmm... GOTTA GET ALL!

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Gust in the wind... it like you were all in the Twister movie or something. Mooooo!

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I study systems and networks at my institute... almost at my second year. I work an internship where I study. 3 more months and I'm finished!

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Man...  I would normally say Red but Im still kinda on the fence cause I don't want to end up in sewage water... again :S

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Only the Duke could have found a light at the end of this murky tunnel. NO ONE DOES IT LIKE THE DUKE!