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Class specific story lines. I'd love a better reason to try out the other classes. 

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It's about time for the world to end. 

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Fact: Cow farts are the singular cause of global warming. 
Fact: Pirate ladies are way hotter than ninja ladies.  

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@Yukoei: Or 18+ game ratings...yet
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Target because they do have better clothes. I only really have one fundamental disagreement with Walmart and thats their music censorship policy. I think that they have gotten a bad name over the years because of a few shady Managers. Oh, and I definitely hate that they intentionally rearrange their stores on a regular basis purely to confuse consumers for the purpose of artificially increase sales. 
Aesthetically I prefer Target as well. Just nicer atmosphere in general. And they have some of the best clearance sales I've ever seen.

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@DarkGamerOO7 said:
" Remember if Microsoft catches you cheating your way to a higher gamerscore, they will reset your gamerscore to 0 (which you cannot get back ) and label your profile as a Cheater for everyone to see. "
This would be an even greater achievement that getting 1000 in any game. A gamerscore is bullshit and since I've stopped caring about achievements I enjoy my games more.
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Just got a beta key literally minutes ago. Installing and updating now. Is there anything interesting to check out?

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I can not believe I just watch that whole thing. I think I am actually getting dumber just thinking about it.  
However, I really want to clean my house right now. 

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@IzzyGraze: I was not aware he had cancer. I don't really keep up with entertainment news. I guess it's possible that they could cancel the show, as disappointing as that would be. But hey, it's 2010, not the 1920s. Cancer is hardly a death sentence. 
And how could I have forgotten SouthLAnd? Man that is a good show! 
@Chris2KLee:  Yeah, Archer is fantastic, but you really have to watch all the episodes in order. There are a ton of in-jokes that would make no sense to people starting 3 or 4 episodes in. 
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@Iceman2913: Only 2 so far. For some reason they aren't on Hulu or the FX website yet either. The first episode is really good and I have yet to sit down and watch the second.
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