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The best driving game of this generation 0

I don't do driving sims. I've given them a shot, but archaic design and license tests turned me off. Forza 3 was the first driving sim that clicked with me by being accessible, and Forza 4 improves it all around. I can sink hours into this game just racing in the career mode, but the Autovista mode is a fantastic addition. Highly recommended....

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Play it like Arkham Asylum 0

Seemed like the main selling point of Arkham City leading up to release was its "open world." That open world is really just a larger version of the hub world from the first game. Once I learned to ignore the distractions of that hub world, I discovered one of the best sequels of this generation.I must admit, the melee combat system just doesn't do it for me. I don't have a problem beating dudes up, but I can't string together lengthy combos and pull off the fancy moves....

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A spectacular disappointment 0

I'm more conflicted about Uncharted 3 than maybe any game I've played in the last year. Uncharted 2 was so outstanding that its flaws didn't even register when playing the game. In Uncharted 3, the slow start and the fact that the game never matches it's predecessor's highs until very late make its problems even more glaring. Add in some bland level design and multiplayer that doesn't amount to more than a distraction and you have what may be the most gorgeous and exciting failure videogames hav...

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Only my second time around 0

This is really only the second Call of Duty game I've gotten deep into, the first being MW2. That game hooked me like maybe no other multiplayer shooter ever, and this makes minor tweaks that keep me coming back over and over. Support class really changes everything for me. I love it that I can help my team even if I can't string together a bunch of kills.Single-player isn't great, but is serviceable. It can be beaten in one sitting and has a handful of the typical "wow" moments we've come to ex...

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