Black Friday Lineup....NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

My first and last time waiting in line for black Friday. Here is my story. My friend calls me at 2 in the morning telling me to rush to best buy and get in line. I do so and there about 50 people in line. They open the doors at 5 and what do you know NOTHING GOOD ON SALE. No deals on TV's. I was hoping to pick up a 52" TV for about 1,000 but ya no dice. Also shit sales on games. The only one i might have gotten was brother in arms for the ps3 for 20 bucks but i was so pissed i didn't even want it after all that. Then i thought maybe they have some hdd's on sale...Nope. It's not worth waiting in line for that. Ill stick to my usual online deals. It's my fault for going but the sad thing was people were buying so much and getting ripped off. I would have thought with the economy in the shitter best buy would throw you a bone. If anything they take advantage because they know no matter the price people are gullable enough to line up and buy shit. The next day i slept about 2 hrs during the day and felt like shit. Then last night i got 12 hrs of sleep and i think im ok now.