Win PiP Episode 3 - PAX Easy

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PAX East is over and Dave, Brett and myself sat down and recorded what we did at PAX East 2015 for an hour! Indie games, Panels and spending way too much money!

This is the first episode I took the time to sit down and edit, it took me WAY longer than I thought it would so I hope it’s worth it. As always send us your feedback, because it means a lot to me.


Win PiP Episode 2 - Whatever Floats Your Goat

Welcome to the 2nd episode of our(Myself the host joined by @mooseymcman and @daveyo520) podcast about anime/video games and whatever else sidetracks us!


On this month's episode Brett is a Sailor and does a dance, we answer the tough question of "What's the Super Mario Bros of Anime?" Idols get some Love Live, we get WAY too side tracked multiple times, PAX EAST!!! I feel the magic and read some Hentai...

Anime talked: Sailor Moon, The Idolmaster, Love Live! School Idol Project, Magic Kaito 1412, (NSFW the Hentai I read) Leave-It-To-Me Design - Ch. 01/02

Please leave us your feedback! Love you all and thanks for listening!

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Opinion on Smite's depiction of Goddess and Sidetracking...

I had a sudden urge to write something on this matter after a slight surge in popularity Smite received after it's World Championship. With this popularity came a resurgence of hate toward the game's depiction of the Goddesses. My general opinion on this subject is that the design of many of the female characters in Smite is completely fine compared to many other MOBAs with overly-sexualized female characters, more on that in a bit, when you take into consideration that Smite is about Gods and Goddesses.

Let's start with Nox the Roman Goddess/Personification of Night. Here's a depiction of her in Smite. Yes the boobs might be a tad big, but overall I believe the design is fantastic. Night is dark and dangerous but at the same time beautiful and mysterious. The design in Smite captures those qualities perfectly, the elegant and exaggerate dress represents the beauty of night while the veil around her face captures the mysterious part of night.

On to one I know a lot of people bring up when talking about sexualized characters, Nu Wa the Creator of Mankind and Guardian of the Heavens. Her design in Smite (Hard to find a picture of her model in Snake form without it being an in-game shot.) This one's a bit hard to defend without other depictions of her, so I googled and here's a few 1/2. This goes for all Goddesses not just Nu Wa, many depictions of these Goddesses are meant to show them as beautiful women because they're what that culture idealized.

This post could go on and on about each of the designs in Smite but I wanted to touch something else I started, when given the context of being Gods and Deities, Smite's sexualized character designs are better than many other popular MOBAs. I'm mainly talking about League of Legends and a little bit on Dota 2, full disclosure I've never been a huge fan of LoL anyone who follows me on Twitter knows this. I'll keep this section purely about the design of the characters as they are without cosmetic items or skins.

I may take LoL's character designs overall less serious because of the more cartoony art style, but the obvious hero for me is Miss Fortune. Beyond exaggerated figure and proportions, for what reason? Riot love their midriff, Jinx. I don't want to spend this whole section just bashing League, there are a few female character designs I quite like. Diana is the only one that comes to mind at the moment though...

Dota 2 heroes aren't without their faults but I just personally feel they're overall better than both League and Smite when it comes to not over-sexualizing the characters. All the humanoid females are clearly designed to be attractive, but with the exception of a few heroes they all do it without showing all their skin. I mean to get personal for a sec, I think Enchantress the half human half doe is the most attractive hero in the game... sorry back to the subject.

Thanks for reading this rant, this probably ended up sounding more like a place for me to defend Smite and shit talk League again. Either way thanks for reading, if you've got anything you'd like to add or to just simply state your opinion on the matter please comment!



This blog post came directly from my Tumblr.

As many people maybe aware, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is finally released and is absolutely amazing. For many gamers, a Bethesda game release means awesome mods follow. And while the Skyrim Creation Kit has yet to be released, many people have made great visual mods. Although none of these mods change to gameplay itself, they all make the game look a whole lot better, fixing character models and replacing the low res textures with much higher res ones. I'll show off five of my favorite visual mods.

Xenius Face & Body Mods

This is a set of mods that improve the overall character faces and bodies. I highly recommend these mods and when put all together, the results are amazing. The author, Xenius, is constantly updating these mods show check out the pages often.

Skyrim Enhanced Shaders

From Tapioks, the creator of the popular Fallout New Vegas mods FNV Enhanced Shaders and OJO Bueno/POCO Bueno Texture Pack, comes Skyrim Enhanced Shaders. This mod greatly improves the games visuals with better lighting and new HDR and better Bloom effects. I've been using the Rustic palette with Ultra High Quality Sharpening and the game looks absolutely incredible with little to no hits to the frame rate.

Video Credit - Youtube user KillzoneNET

Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Vurt, The creator of Vurts Wasteland Flora Overhaul which made the trees and grass in New Vegas look awesome, has made a similar mod for Skyrim. Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul replaces the tree textures of Skyrim with high resolution textures. Vurt is constantly updating, so check often.

Landscape Texture Pack WIP & Improved Rock and Mountain Textures

Landscape Texture Pack by Xclear and Improved Rock and Mountain Textures by 747823, again much like most of these mods, replaces the textures for the ground and mountains. Alone these mods are great but together the overall look and feel of the world is a whole lot better. Xclear's mod comes in two flavors, 1024x1024(Medium Quality) and 2048x2048(High Quality), while 747823's mod comes in 4096x4096 and 2048x2048 texture sizes. I would say try the smaller size first and if your computer can handle it, than download and try the higher resolution version.

Isoku's Realistic Mods

There isn't much to explain, watch the video and check out the links. These mods are amazing, and if put together with Skyrim Flora, Landscape Texture and Rock and Mountain Textures, Skyrim easily becomes the best looking Bethesda game to date!

  • Realistic Water Textures
  • Realistic Rain Ripples
  • Realistic Smoke and Embers


    Another boring weekend, not much going on but I’ll do a blog anyways. I haven’t done one of these since I started this dumb blog, a little over two months ago, so it’ll be nice to write a bit more. This blog is mostly going to be about my Mythbusters marathon on Netflix and my dumb Steam impulse buys.

    Xbox, Play!

    With my cablebox set busted I’ve been unable to watch any TV. I’ve missed just about everything good on TV, [Br]eaking [B]ad season finale, season premier of Walking Dead and the current season of Mythbusters and Psych. So to remedy this I’ve been watching old episodes of all these shows on Netflix, but mainly Mythbusters. Netflix has eight of the eleven season of MB, but they are out of their correct order and they’re missing a bunch of the special episodes. Even with these problems I’m glad for Netflix, because really if it weren’t for these old episodes in between my Gears of War 3 playtime I probably would have went insane.

    Steam Quick Reviews!

    Steam Page - While I wait for my games to download I like to write “reviews” for the steam games and downloadable contents I’ve played on Steam, Here are my reviews for the Fallout New Vegas expansions.

    Dead Money - As the first piece of downloadable content for Fallout New Vegas, Dead Money is average. Dead Money is a linear quest based DLC, much like Fallout 3’s Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta, with the main focus being stealth and combat. With that said Dead Money falls short in just about every way, it’s too combat heavy, it gives very little options in the ways you can approach the DLC and the end pay-off isn’t great. Upon completion of the DLC the player can not return to the DLC area. I don’t recommend Dead Money to anyone, unless you want the extra 5 levels, Dead Money is not worth $9.99.

    Honest Hearts - The second piece of downloadable content for Fallout New Vegas, Honest Hearts takes players on an exciting ride through Utah’s Zion National Park. Honest Hearts is a fairly story driven adventure, but it still manages to gives the player plenty of opportunities to explore the large map of Zion. The main quest of Honest Hearts is about the conflict of the warring tribes of Zion, this quest may take the player anywhere between two to three hours to complete, which is a good length for a $10 add-on. Obsidian did an absolutely great job making the player care for the outcome of the main quest and although the quest has no affect on the main game’s storyline, I guarantee some players will feel torn by the end of this add-on. Like all of the Fallout New Vegas add-ons, Honest Hearts adds 5 extra levels and as for quest rewards, the player receives some new goodies at the end of this add-on. I highly recommend Honest Hearts to any owner of Fallout New Vegas, buy it.

    Old World Blues - The Big MT awaits in the third piece of downloadable content for Fallout New Vegas, Old World Blues. The story of Old World Blues is much more tongue-in-cheek than the previous two DLC, sort of like Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta. Old World Blues took me about four hours to complete, this is a great length, and I didn’t explore most of the Big MT or do any of the side stuff. At $9.99 Old World Blue is a fantastic piece of DLC and is worth the price, adding 5 more level, with new perks and traits, a bunch of new weapons and armors for the player to use, a fun new area to explore and a humorous main quest. If you have Fallout New Vegas you should probably buy Old World Blues, I highly recommend it.

    Add to Cart!

    As my Steam Library gets larger, I continue to realise that I play less than a quarter of my games, I hate myself for it but I love knowing I can play any of those games at any point just by press install. This list of unplayed games grows as I buy more games during all of these crazy Steam sales. Some of the more recent purchases I’ve made include The Humble Bundle Frozen Synapse and Frozenbyte Bundle for $10 donated, Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition during a recent Mid-Week Madness for $9.99 and Alice: Madness Returns during, at the time of me writing this blog, the current Weekend Deal for $14.99. I really need to get out of this Steam impulse buy mentality, but enough about Steam time for psychical game purchases!

    Ship to this Address!

    Other than Steam, is my go to place to buy games. I love the ease of buying games on Amazon and how much credit you get for buying games you were already going to buy! I recently bought Gears of War 3 on Amazon and received a cool in-game character skin for Multiplayer and $20 in Amazon credit which I used to purchase Dance Central 2. It just so happens for buying that I received $10 in Credit and 400 Microsoft Space Points to import my Dance Central song into DC2! I bet you won’t guess what I did with that $10’s; That’s right I bought another game, Battlefield 3 for the PC in fact, and while although I didn’t receive any credit for that purchase, you can see how awesome buying from Amazon can be. Then again you get in a terrible mind set of “I need to buy more and more games!”


    So you can already tell I send a lot of time buying games, but believe it or not I do actually play games as well. This Friday I’ve spent a little time playing both Dance Central and the DC2 Demo, and although I continue to look like an idiot I had a lot more fun with both games than I did when I first played with the Kinect. Maybe it’s because I had more experience with the Kinect or maybe the fact I now know that you will never not look like an idiot when playing the Kinect, but either way I enjoyed my time with DC, can’t wait for the second game on Tuesday.

    I’ve spent a ton of time with Gears 3 and I can say with confidence that it’s going to be in my Game of the Year list. Great story, improved multiplayer and super fun co-op modes, if you haven’t already buy this game. That’s about all I have to say about Gears for now.

    I don’t really know how to end a blog so I’ll just end it!


    So many games, so little time!

    There are just far too many games coming out this holiday season and I know for a fact I'm not gonna have enough time to play them all. I've been playing small bits of each of my games, that way I'll get a taste of everything.How do you duders manage your play time?


    Crap! I messed up my Username!

    I rushed into changing my username for Screened that I forgot to write a D in my name. Well Fuck, I'm angry at myself for this.


    Edit - Maybe this is why your supposed to go to sleep at 5 am.


    Doctor Who?

    I only just started watching Doctor Who and already I've become a HUGE fan. I recently finished Season(Series) 5 and I started Season 1 with the Ninth Doctor.

    For those who have watched Doctor Who, how does Christopher Eccleston compare to Matt Smith, and since I'll be watching it soon, David Tennant to the other two?

    edit - If the other two are to go on, how long does Smith got as the Doctor?