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On Greens the actual encounters aren't too hard. Overall as long as you're comfortable with your hero, have decent gear(full uniques doesn't need to be BiS or best rolls) and are paying attention to rotations in the raid it shouldn't be too hard.

The only other thing is during the twins encounter we'll need to split into two groups of 5, as soon as the debuff hits rotate to the other boss picking up the buff the creeps drop along the way. During that encounter green circle means group up and red means spread out.

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I've got about 10 level 60s but Wanda is the hero I have fully geared so I'd run the raid with either her or Black Panther.

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Hey all, I'm not greatly active on these forums anymore so sorry in advance if I don't check this super often.

I'm interested in getting a 10 man with the rest of Batman Batman Batman set up. It wouldn't be easy considering many of us are in different time zones and play MH for completely different reasons. If you're interested in running a 10 man Green with me and other guildies, please leave the following info. We'll talk about Skype or other voice chat options later.

  • In-Game Name - SmashedControllers
  • Your Main - Scarlet Witch
  • Timezone - -5:00 EDT
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@dan_persona: If you haven't already joined, message me on steam when you sign onto the game and I'll jump on and add you to the guild!

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Hey man, I don't post much on here anymore and I'm not sure what to really say but congrats on being able to come out!

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@crispy: I've change up the numbers a bit and tried to make the text a bit more understandable.

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Hero Name: Alvona the Holy Magister

Strength: 18* (+ 3.2) Agility: 16 (+1.2) Intelligence: 21 (+ 1.6)

AffiliationRadiantAttack AnimationSomething
Damage48-52Casting AnimationNo Idea
Armor3.5Base Attack Time1.8
Movespeed300Missile SpeedMelee
Attack RangeMeleeSight Range1800 / 800

Faith's Path

Ability Type: Toggle / Targeting Type: None / Ability Hotkey: Q

Allows the Holy Magister to toggle between the Protector and Destroyer paths. While following the Destoryer's Path, Alvona gains bonus damage, attack speed and movement speed but also loses base health and armor. Faith's Path also changes most of Alvona's abilities.

LevelBonus DamageBonus Movement SpeedBase Attack TimeBase Health ReductionBase Armor Reduction

Lay on Hands (Protector Path)

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Allies / Ability Hotkey: W

Heals a friendly unit based on half Alvona's base Srrength and the target's base Intelligence.

LevelHealing DoneCooldownMana Cost
11 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)20200
22 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)18200
33 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)16200
44 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)14200

Righteous Vengeance (Destroyer Path)

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Enemies / Ability Hotkey: W

Damages an enemy unit based on half Alvona's base Intelligence and the target's base Strength.

LevelDamage DoneCooldownMana Cost
11 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)2575
22 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25100
33 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25125
44 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25150

Spiritual Aura (Protector Path)

Ability Type: Aura / Targeting Type: Allies / Ability Hotkey: E

Increases base physical damage resistance of nearby allied heroes and can be activated to effect allied creeps. This aura does not affect yourself.

LevelRangeBonus ArmorActive DurationActive Cooldown

Blessed Mace (Destroyer Path)

Ability Type: Passive / Targeting Type: Enemies / Ability Hotkey: E

Alvona's mace has a chance to deal bonus pure damage, cleave all nearby enemy units and lifesteals. The cleave and lifesteal only triggers when the pure damage does.

If this passive triggers it'll do half damage as physical and the other as pure, ie you'll damage the main target enemy with 100 physical and 100 pure.

LevelBonus Pure Damage ChanceCleave RadiusCleave DamageLifesteal Percentage

Embodiment of the Gods

Ability Type: No Target / Targeting Type: Self / Ability Hotkey: R

Become the living embodiment of the Gods and use this power to protect your allies and destroy your foes. Heals all nearby friendly units over the duration of the ability while damaging enemies and healing you for a percentage of the heal. While this ability is active you are completely immobile and take 33% less damage from all sources.

LevelRangeDurationHealing to AlliesHealing Percentage to SelfDamage Percentage to EnemiesAghanim's RangeAghanim's Invincibility DurationCooldownMana Cost
1800670 HP Per Second (420 Total)60% (252 Total)80% (336 Total)Global.5250300
2800870 HP Per Second (560 Total)60% (336 Total)80% (448 Total)Global1200325
38001070 HP Per Second (700 Total)60% (420 Total)80% (560 Total)Global1.5150350

By no means did I design a balanced hero, but I wanted to make an interesting one. Tell me what you all think! EDIT: I've edited my original numbers to be more reasonable.

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@rmanthorp: From what Doomsaw's said about Crawler he's the best melee hero he's played, a lot of teleporting

@rolyatkcinmai: Thanks man!

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Could I get an Admin role? I play this game everyday and know just about everything.

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@mb: I'm super into this game, following the devs, test center and thread updates. Raids are I believe a month or so away, end of this month is Nightcrawler release, Captain America and Hawkeye reworks and Cosmic Dailies.