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We've gotten some fantastic feedback on this month's podcast, thanks to everyone. We'll stick to anime and games as the main subjects of the podcast and I promise the hentai talk was a one off thing. After the PAX East Episode, I'll try my best to most importantly sort out the audio stuff and maybe have a theme and cast logo!

Thanks again to everyone who listened it means the world to me.

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@dalai said:

Seems like as good a place as any to advertise.

Hi, Dalai here. I created this topic and I have a special announcement for those who will be attending PAX East and for some reason still need accommodations. I have an opening available in the prime real estate known as the Westin Waterfront which is connected to the convention center. If you still need a place to sleep or you have a room outside of the city you can cancel, contact me via Twitter or PM me. I have the room from Wednesday to Sunday and you'll be with myself, @aurahack (the duder with the Puyo Puyo trading cards) and @smashecontrollers. And judging by the harsh winter Boston is having, this is the best chance for those who want to stay indoors.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled roll call.

I will confirm that none of us are axe murders...

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@fallen189: Oh right this is an anime/video games podcast we do. I'll edit my post to explain that.

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@aetheldod: Haha yeah Polar Bear Cafe was only okay, kinda why I ended up not watching more(among plenty of other things)

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@angelcurry: I had a really hard time not talking about specifics, but I tried my best obviously there's little things we said that people who've seen the shows will catch but nothing that will spoil it for those who haven't. Glad the hear a few of you guys enjoyed it! We'll definitely do another episode in February and continue monthly(ish) until I offend someone

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Thanks for giving it a chance! Tell us what you think!

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Thanks for taking the time to comment, I totally get the part where all the Gods are sexy attractive and I would love to see more variety. I guess I came to the conclusion that Smite and League need to sell their characters so they try to make them attractive and eye catching, same to why so many of the cosmetic items are sexy nurses and such.

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Hey I've not really post on Giantbomb in years, but with it being 2015 and such I thought I'd try and post again! I'll start with a subject I love, POKEMON! I did this for Reddit a while back and thought I'd post it here, I always love seeing other people's favorites so feel free to post your own!

Heracross is a baller, while although I'm not a huge fan of his Mega for competitive use, he's still pretty awesome. Bug type is overall a pretty weak list of Pokemon so this was a pretty easy pick for me!

Dark type is full of great Pokemon, but Umbreon takes this spot cause it's also my favorite Eeveelution.

Gible, he's a cutey in a sea of OP Pseudo-legendaries.

Electivire is dope.

This pick is a bit unfair since I kinda have a huge dislike of the type overall, Fairy is insanely OP in competitive play, so I picked Mawile cause she's also a Steel type.

Blaziken is currently the only starter in Ubers, he's league above all others, at least 'til Greninja joins him.

Rapidash is a fire horse, that's really cool, it also has one of my favorite Shinys.

Crobat, he's really fast.

Shedinja, he only has one HP.

Sceptile is my all-time favorite Pokemon, I can never fully explain why but he is and they gave him an insanely dope Mega that makes him the first ever Grass/Dragon!

Flygon, most overrated non-existent Mega ever.

Cloyster is like if Cinccino had insanely high Defensive stats and STAB on Icicle Spear...

Audino the only Generation 5 Pokemon with a Mega, this probably should be Slaking instead...

Toxicroak... Rain Dance team.

Gardevoir, more weird hentai than every other Pokemon combine.

Onix... this should be Shuckle instead.

Empoleon, there's no other Pokemon with his typing and he's a fucking monster for it.

Blastosie, better than Charizard

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You're probably better than me, wanna take my spot as Generic's mid in Rekt 2? Only kidding, I've slowed down on my Dota 2 obsession, but I still played it every other day.

EDIT: RIP old Storm Spirit, Dazzle and Veng

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Banner Saga's cover art is incredible