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The E3 a few years ago when they were outside filming their day recap and that creepy guy gave Ryan the creepy eye.

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I like the idea of flexible reviews. Too often i come across a review that brings up an issue that i never had and wondered what happened on the reviewers end to make them complain about something that, as far as i know, never existed. IGN's review of Castlevania: LoS is one example, the reviewer brought up that there was a brief screen freeze before every execution animation "yes, it happens every time, and yes, it's annoying". But i bought the game day 1 and never experienced this annoying screen freeze problem, or most of the technical hiccups mentioned (minus the framerate issues). Of course that's just one small example but with console games receiving patches now, sometimes ones that make huge changes to the game, i really think that if something MAJOR gets fixed, or made worse, that it should get reflected in that review. i guess forums and boards will largely do that for now, but a fluid review system starts to make sense. Diablo 3 is an even better example since the game that's running now is completely different from the game that was released last year, and a lot better for it. maybe changing the core review is the wrong approach, maybe keeping that review up, but putting a second score next to it that changes based on content updates or patches, and if anything major changes, put up a few lines of text to describe why the score changed so that people can understand exactly why the score went up (or down) from what it used to be, while keeping the original review in place for reference.

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i tried watching the anime vice review of berserk! and i just didn't feel like the person reviewing the manga read a lot of manga, because he had a lot of complaints over things that most manga readers just accept as the norm. so i guess the reason I don't visit it often is because they just don't seem like the giant fans of anime/manga that i would expect to find at an anime centric website. i had the same problem with tested, i just didnt feel like the people in the videos really knew what they were doing OR talking about

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i played it, i could have done without the looping music though. 

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this is incredibly stupid. just because you publish one version of the game, it doesn't mean you'll automatically get to publish EVERY version of the game. also, removal of DRM should be a decision made by the developers, and no one else. and considering how many issues the game was having its first few weeks of release, i can understand why they wanted it gone.

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absolutely, i have it for 360 and pc and haved played both versions many times. 

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i remember when SWG was supposed to be THE star wars experience and then they just butchered it by leveling the playing field and letting all the noobs start as jedi. honestly i was shocked it was still running. 

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i feel it is because games are still viewed as "children's entertainment" that we have this issue. Too many are disgusted by what they see in videogames because they see a CHILD playing it (despite an M rating, and the fact that their PARENTS approved the purchase) but very few times has a game made me feel uncomfortable by its content because IT'S A GAME. Whereas a show like "The Shield" made me uncomfortable MANY times through its depiction of rape, murder, child abuse, torture etc. A game is fake, and presented in an incredibly fake manner, so no connection is made on my part. the show is still obviously fake but it involves real people so the connection is more profane. On top of that kids have access to WAY more disturbing and obscene material on the internet, television, and movies, and books. Also, how many games involve that kind of content? for the most part it's just violence. very few games involve sex and only one ever involved an "interactive" sex game and you had to hack the game to play it. in all my years of gaming i never saw a game that was "obscene" just tons that were trying to be shocking but were so bad that no one ever noticed them. 
But if they do pass this we still don't really know what the endgame will be. i think the industry is overreacting to this. i'm not saying it won't affect things, but until a decision is MADE we won't know what will happen to the industry. several countries already have similar policies in effect and they seem to be doing just fine so i'm gonna chill and wait to see how this all plays out. i suggest everyone else do the same

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consoles didn't ruin this game, obsidian did. the original is still the best so i had very little hope for this one. although had they not nerf'd the whole co-op experience this would probably have been a fun co-op game to play. and if you have a gamepad the game plays fine. 
 of course one torchlight 2 comes out pretty much every dungeon crawler is screwed. 

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I'm open to the idea of a brand new duke game, one that gets conceptualized, developed and released within 2 years so that the game doesn't feel 12 years old. DNF had a few moments where things worked, but the reliance on modern game mechanics and borderline offensive/stale humor really brought it down. i honestly see duke as a franchise with potential to be FUN again. so MORE duke doesnt sound so bad, just as long as its not more duke nukem forever