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Look for the trumpet player in the blue suit, best seen around 2:40. Definitely looks like Ryan.

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@ProfessorEss said:

@kristov_romanov: Really, REALLY looks like Vaas.

Acts like him too. He's great in all four episodes.

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During the THPS HD Quick Look Jeff mentions something that I wasn't sure about. Around the 4:35 mark he says that it was possible in 2X to skate from Warehouse to the Hangar. Was that a feature in this game, or any game in the franchise for that matter?

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I see your timebelt, I raise you another:

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Based on the previously mentioned ideas I think the folks at Rocksteady should take a look at Lego Batman 2. That game seems to be hitting some of the notes that have been mentioned in the thread.

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Jedi Outcast alone is well worth $5, the rest is frosting on top.

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" Their only problem there is explaining Kyle losing his powers again. "

I felt Kyle was a lot more powerful during the Vjun level in Jedi Academy than he was by the end of Outcast.  The new game could take place between these two games and show how he gained new power levels.