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So long buddy, thanks for the laughter & memories!

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Give it up Greece, everyone knows you can't afford to piss off zhe Germans.

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Looks dashboard-esque, sans the torrents of advertising.

Microsoft better watch out!

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Level 60 Witch Doctor 
Act II. Inferno 
When 1.0.3 dropped I was pretty baffled to say the least. But, as time goes by, I'm finding my class and evolving builds more fun!

Pre 1.0.3  
- I was endlessly stacking IAS (increased attack speed) for Spinters neglecting any defence for pure DPS.
-  If over-powered by an  elite/rare or boss I'd continue to smash my (Poison Dart) head against it until I brute forced my way through. 
- Nefarious players were making insane  amounts of gold. 
- More time was spent kiting than killing

Post 1.0.3 
- I now spread my stats and skills out. Adding Vitality, Armour and Resists makes me feel more bad-ass than glass-ass!
- Realization that some mobs are intended to be beyond my 'current' build and I look at new and interesting ways of overcoming the  situation.  
-  Nerfarious players are making less-insane amounts of gold.
- I'm doing a lot less kiting and a ton more killing! 
Current Build: Toxic Avenger!

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When the hell will these game companies learn? 
It seems like the video game industry is more unstable than a drunking Jenga tower. 
Mind you,  the evolution of MMO to F2P was always going to be a real killer for indev companies. 
To those who lost there jobs, may I recommend drowning your hrs of sorrow in a pool of diablo III... 
Chin up!

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Wow! that's a whole lot of Bliz-bucks heading to the Bliz bank. 
Got to hand it to Blizzard though, their games are always worth the wait!

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Cards Against Humanity is an amazingly funny game!

I played it with friends recently and we were literally in tears.

Will be interesting to see how new game+ develops.

Regarding preparation, cutting out the cards took some time...

but trying not to read them while doing so was the hardest part!

6/5 stars.

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First Minecraft, then Skyrim, now this.

Krator-Kon sounds pretty bad-ass (just don't go adding the Kinect edition cause shit will get real!)

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Buy a Commado64 and play Barbarian (aka Death Sword) instead.

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Same same but different?

Maybe it's time western developers got a good shake up. It seems to have worked well for Japan.