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A high school art teacher is the last person you would expect to create a video game from scratch. Its another thing to expect it to be good. Well believe it or not, it can be done. My high school art teacher made a iDevice app/game called Hairy Legs. I just wanted to get the word out that the game is fun, cool, and....has leader-boards. But on a serious note, he put a lot of time and effort in it and since he's been one of my most greatest influences in high school, I wanted his hard work to be known. The game is in the same genre as games like Doodle Jump. You play as a razor going down the leg of a hairy woman trying to evade obstacles like scabs and band aids. Its quite a clever game and its hopefully going to be a huge hit. By no means is this an advertisement. I just want to get the word out that pretty much anyone can make a quality game with a little hard work. I thought since the gaming community of Giantbomb is so cool, that you guys could check it out. Alright, the words out and thats all I can do. I appreciate if you guys check it out and if not, keep gaming. -Smitty

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hmm, that might be interesting...

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i dont often buy halo games but i might have to check this one out.

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@Milkman said:
" I have 4 more achievements but I'll never ever get them because so suck too damn hard.   I got Warp Specialist, Incinerate Specialist, Overload Specialist and Insanity left. "
ha, yah those seem to be the bane of my existence 
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@nk19 said:
" A better gasp moment that has been stewing in my head, is that the tech used to bring back Shepard was salvaged tech from Sovereign. Making Shepard part reaper. "
I was thinking that too, maybe the reapers will not kill Shepard because he's is the perfect mix of reaper and another alien species.
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Its been six weeks. Six painful weeks without an xbox. I'm beginning to feel it finally sink in. If you are not aware, I got the RRoD on November 15 while playing the apparently system hogging 1v100. It sat in my room, broken, as I got the necessary paper work to ship it in. A night of talking with xbox customer support because my account wasn't working finally allowed me to print the shipping label. My joyous self went down stairs to tell my father the great news that I can send my xbox in the next day. Although I was positive that it would not cost me a nickel to get it fixed, my dad was less persuaded. My dad not believing me had decided to send it to my local Rent-a-center, where he bought it a few years back mind you (They were going to sell me a display model with dirty sticker stuff on the bottom; a missing memory card cover; a wireless controller without a adapter at the end; and no memory what so ever. But when I went back to see if they could give me a better model, they suddenly had a brand new one in the back...what a surprise.) just in case because they said what ever was wrong with it they would pay. Never forgetting the almost catastrophic xbox they sold me if it wouldn't have been for me keen eye, I was needless to say, a bit uneasy. So here we are, going on week six and they have never contacted me to tell me it was in. I preordered Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition which you no doubt comes out next Tuesday so either I will be able to play it come Tuesday or.... looking at it sit on my desk as a wait another unknown amount of days until it comes back to me. 
Out of curiosity, has this happen to anyone and if so, what did you do? Also, tell me what you think of this. 

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haha, i found a dollar in a gas station a few days ago... it was only a dollar but there was people around so i figured if they didn't pick it up, i wasn't either.

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dude that is so weird, cuase i just started playing this a few days ago for the first time lol