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@scrappypixels: Same. Always enjoy when the staff interacts with people who excel at games and wish they would use their resources and contacts more in this way.

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Shame I couldn't make it until the end. Went by simply smite in the chat. Was a pleasure hanging out and talking video games. Looking forward to the next one.

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His shtick doesn't do much for me but the density of information delivered really shows in comparison to the quick look. Watch his video and then go back to the QL immediately after and the difference is night and day. He has the benefit of editing, sure, but still. I love QL's and find GB hilarious, but this is a perfect example of when they phone in a lazy look at a game and put no effort into understanding it.

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Goddamnit. I see drudging this topic back up in an attempt to inform was a huge mistake.

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The original NES model (NES-001) had a chip that would detect and not play illegitimate cartridges to try and prevent bootlegs and non-licensed carts from being used. Tengen and other companies found ways around it, however a flaw of the chip is from time to time it would incorrectly detect a valid cartridge as invalid and refuse to play the game. Made worse if the cartridge was dirty, hence the cleaning improving the chance of it working. By taking the cartridge out, blowing, and putting it back in you would reseat where the pins are and take another shot at the chip, hopefully this time making it actually work. The blowing step did absolutely nothing except deposit some saliva in and on the cart. The top-loader (NES-101) either had this chip removed entirely or was much better designed (I can't recall) as the problem never occurs on it.

Sorry to crush your nostalgia.

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Hello best friends @JCTango @Damolition! You will be pleased to hear box is recovering safely after surgery. I am sure box will be taking phone calls and back to work very soon.

Best regards and may all your wishes come true,


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I like video games old and new. Are we friends now? Great! Friend, I have acquired a number of electronic video games over the course of my alive time and as such have a need to organize them in a way that makes them accessible, functional, and not look like the dog shit. Now that we are best friends I figure you might like to take a look at some of my electronic video games organization Martha Stewart shit goings on.

Game Boy games. Small, and slippery and they just end up everywhere, under the bed, in the drawer, under the mini-van seat. Have you seen my copy of Tetris? I think I loaned it to you. You better not have erased my high score. Anyway. I got a box.

Get Box

It was on sale. 50% off. I had a coupon to get 40% off but the girl at the counter said no. I don't think she likes boxes very much. It was still pretty cheap so I wasn't too sad. You can probably get it for cheap too at whatever box store happens to be within a distance you can get your bag of human meat to. Or just use the internet and get the box shipped to you in a slightly larger box. I am not your mother. Do what you want!

Next you open up the box and glue some sticks and put in your handheld cartridges (Licensed by Nintendo). If you try to use unlicensed cartridges your box might not work. Don't try to return it to the store. The girl at the counter won't care. She will say no.

#8 Edited by SmiteOfHand (82 posts) - is a good spot to check out for a large variety of content quickly. Specifically I would recommend looking at games made by Adam Cadre, Andrew Plotkin, and Emily Short. Don't bother with Zork unless you are interested in history. Early Infocom has some terrible puzzles and a shallow parser.

Yeah, fuck Zork. I said it.

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When you buy a single copy they email you a code so I assume with 3 and 5 they email 3 and 5 codes.

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I've been going through getting cases and cover prints for my SNES and N64 games and have gotten it down to about $1 a case, which is reasonable for me. That is, of course, without the crazy Canadian price you have to deal with. I've been considering starting a blog on here about it, but not sure how interested anyone would be. Do I just take pictures of my games and go.. Neat? Talk about each game? I dunno.

As far as the carts sitting in the open they are more durable than you might think. So long as they aren't outside in a swamp or direct sunlight all day every day then sitting on a shelf is perfectly fine. Cleaning them with some rubbing alcohol is a good idea if you haven't already. Just get some q-tips and go to town (careful not to get any on the label).