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@friarmark: Thanks for this. I'm no expert, but I've noticed that in any discussion about the minimum wage, it's often taken as gospel that increasing it will cost tons of jobs and raise consumer prices enough to cancel out the wage increase.

But that assertion is often made without much evidence, maybe because it makes intuitive sense.

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I no longer care about video games very much.

I also think that there's an inverse correlation between one's ability to afford video games and one's interest in them.

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When I traveled around Europe several years ago, I used to arrange accommodations, and had a generally good experience.

Might be worth looking into, if price is your primary concern.

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I no longer care if Half-Life 3 (or even HL2 Episode 3) ever comes out, even though I absolutely loved that series.

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I never had a PS3, I plan on getting a PS4 eventually, and The Last of Us seems right up my alley.

So, yes.

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I like mine a lot (16 gig, bought around launch), but lately it seems to be randomly restarting more often than it ever did before.

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I'm 30 and I'm beginning to think I like alcohol too much. Stay on your current path. You'll be better for it.

But if you do decide that alcohol just isn't you're thing (on balance, probably a good decision), don't get all sanctimonious about it. If there's one thing that bugs a social group more than the sloppy, inappropriate drunk, it's the preachy teetotaler.

Alternatively: have you tried wine?

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They will have significantly tightened up the graphics.

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It's kind of ironic that the people complaining about this phrase are coming from a somewhat conservative perspective, because when the meaning of the phrase is explained, they often respond with something like "well, I took it as an insult, so therefore it is an insult."

That's the exact same line of thinking that they accuse "PC liberals" of using when they're offended by something. Basically what both groups are saying is "it doesn't matter what you were actually trying to say. All that matters is how it made ME feel. Therefore, I have no responsibility to understand what was being said before I respond, but you're obligated to confirm your language to my feelings."

I'm not calling out anyone in particular, it's just something I see people do all the time.

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Batman and Robin. 1997. I was 13 years old.

I was at an age where pretty much any big, flashy action movie would do it for me. But this was the very first film of that type that made me think "this is really stupid".