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An MMO shooter done right could be fantastic.

Wasn't Halo, in its very early stages, intended to have some MMO elements, back when it was going to be a Mac game?

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I would rather vote for a sandwich than for either major party candidate. But I don't like the looks of that plunger water bottle robot.

...I'm pretty sure that's an enema applicator and a shit sandwich.

Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich.

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Make Xbox Live 18+, or better yet, 21+

I know that would never happen, but good lord would that be nice. At the very least, you won't have racial slurs hurled at you by a shrill 13-year-old with the voice of a dog whistle. Instead, you'll have racial slurs hurled at you by somebody whose voice has changed, which might be a little easier on the ears.

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Oh, I love some dashboard whining. How hard is it to hit "my games" and choose the game you want? "I can't find anything!!" How? You scroll to "games", then choose Indie, Arcade or On Demand- it's not rocket science. People will bitch about anything, I swear...

I think the main complaint has been that every update has made the whole system slower and more cumbersome, and the guiding principle behind every single redesign has clearly been "how can we cram more ads onto the front page of this paid service?" Every update has made the interface worse.

Yeah, there are bigger problems in the world. But this is a website about games. And because the Internet is for bitching, it follows that there will be bitching about video games on a site such as this one.

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Sign me up. I'm really excited to see what they fuck up this time.

They've turned the Netflix interface into a complete shit show, but they haven't made it entirely unusable yet. Their efforts to that end have been admirable, but I doubt they're going to rest on their laurels. I bet we're going to see some really interesting stuff in the coming months. I'm hoping they introduce a new control system that causes the screen to go blank and forces you to browse titles via a series of abstract musical cues.

Maybe they could change the default font across the entire dashboard to Wingdings! That would go a long way toward turning the whole system into an unusable clusterfuck, which seems to be their end goal. But we'll probably have to wait for the next generation of hardware to see their nightmare vision fully realized.

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait!

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Just bring it up (in a private setting, obviously) as politely as you possibly can. Best not to drag it out - just rip the band-aid right off.

And remind yourself that you aren't doing him any favors by not telling him. But don't be surprised if he gets really defensive anyway.

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4 years of undergrad, 3 years of law school

I've been out of school for a few years now, and I've just recently (within the last month) gotten a job that (1) requires a law degree (though not a license to practice law), and (2) pays the bills.

Given the average law school grad's debt load and dismal career prospects, it's a path that I'd generally advise against.

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A sub-tenant in the office I work in has a very sweet black lab.

The dog is incredibly mellow, and sleeps most of the time, so she doesn't really get in anybody's way. But having her around seems to improve the mood of the place.

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So where do I check the box for Half-Life 3, or some new information about Half-Life 3? I'll also settle for the vaguest hint that Half-Life 3 is still a thing that exists.

I love you, Valve, but seriously. That's the only box I want to check.

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He's a great actor. But he also made me feel completely inadequate while watching Shame with my girlfriend.