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Just beasted the first two bosses before the servers apparently exploded again. Really good fun, no match for my gimmicky priest deck though!

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@rrcplus: Admittedly, of the 12 people that bought and enjoyed Dead Island, I bet 10 of them will still buy this one. But one of the them will Brad, for review purposes.

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Also, I notice that all the posts saying "No one gives a shit about sexism in the videogame industry! Its just a statue!" have contributed to 2000 comments on this topic. Surely that's a sign that sexism is quite a relevant thing to discuss? It seems like there are hundreds of shits given on this article, on one side or the other. If this had 100 comments and no one really cared you might have a point.

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That statue is also offensive towards British people. None of our wimmenfolk look that good in a bikini, covered in blood.

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This thread inspired me to start a new game with an INT caster build. Its pretty tough so far but it must get easier when you have access to more spells and whatnot. I'm thinking of using something like a rapier (and keep it normal so I can buff it), then do Seath as soon as I can to use the Moonlight Great Sword. Dark Souls definitely changes a lot when you switch builds, its interesting.

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There catacombs blacksmith is hidden away. Basically there's a part of the interior Catacombs with a spiral staircase with some skeletons on it. If you follow the staircase down the bottom its a dead end, but if you look you'll see that you can actually drop onto a lower platform, and keeping dropping to reach the blacksmith. He does fire/chaos stuff for you. Also, since you may have missed it, the other blacksmith is at the entrance to the New Londo area (the "safe" bit, before you actually enter the ghosty area. He's down some stairs hiding behind bars, He does magic for you.

And yeah, to clarify, there's a darkmoon ring hidden in a coffin in the catacombs. Take that to the darkmoon tomb in Anor Londo and you'll get access to the covenant itself, but you can also just cross the boss fog gate and fight the head of the covenant, if you want to.

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Yeah, the DLC is the main thing to take care of after Seath. Have you beaten the boss in the Darkmoon tomb? I think you need to be able to join the Darkmoon Covenant to access the boss, and for that you need the Darkmoon ring which is hidden in the Catacombs. Have you done the Painted World, accessed through the portrait in the Anor Londo Cathedral?

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He's in the Dukes Archives. Basically if you go near the start of Anor Londo, near the first bonfire you can find the path.

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That guy is a total shit. He can be a vendor in firelink if you let him live, but its not a big deal.

Tomb of the Giants really sucks. Have you picked up the ring that lets you walk around quietly? Its quite useful for avoiding the skeleton dogs in the dark.

I think if you've been picking up items you should have the torch at this point, its equipped like a shield.

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Nah, when you looted the firelink keeper's body you should have picked up a specific item - the "cracked black eye orb" or something like that. You can use it in the big chamber before you fought Fatboy & Slim, you'll invade Lautrec's world and you can kill him and his buddies, then go back to firelink and you can revive the keeper.