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Hey Patrick,

I really like this format because it is just there to convey information, and is a really quick read. I would love to see more articles like this on the site: short but information rich. Keep up the great work!

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PSN: zachy2010

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch Games: AC4, Knack, Resogun, Contrast, BF4, Killzone: SF, NFS: Rivals, Lego Marvel, and Skylanders (damn you Jeff!).

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I have followed Ryan and Jeff for about a decade now so this news makes me feel like a close friend has passed. I guess those feelings arise when you hear the voices and see the faces of these guys over the years. Ryan will truly be missed and I feel privileged to have met him once in person. I asked what his binary tattoo said. He responded with one word: "mom".

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I was super sad when I first read this, but I am now really happy for you Dave! I bet you are an awesome Dad and Veronica has no choice but to grow up being a world class duder! I hope to see you back for the occasional Flight Club!

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My steam ID is lumberzach

I tried DOTA 2 a few months back but it was too much new information at the time with no convenient delivery mechanism. Between TNT, the new in game tutorial, and playing a bunch of bot matches I think I am starting to get the hang of it but I'm still too timid to try matches with randoms. Let me know if anyone wants to do some co-op matches!

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@Nightriff said:

Agreed, one reason why I don't use my 360 anymore is because of their focus on anything but video games. Without us they wouldn't be in the position they are in and I feel like they have left us out to dry. I moved over to my PS3 a few years ago and have picked up PC gaming a few months ago. I want games Microsoft, not stupid movies and music videos.

This descibes my exact same trajectory. I stopped using my 360 and went solely to the PS3 because of things like the dashboard being full of ads, paying for a Gold membership, tiny proprietary hard drives (I had a 20 gig launch 360), RROD, etc. From 2009-2012 I was a PS3 gamer and about 4 months ago I built a gaming PC and I am loving Steam. Really glad I took the road of Vinny and Brad with a gaming PC hooked up to a 40" TV.

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Hey Duders,

I'm currently number 2 in the GB crew. Let's try to crack the top 10 flight crews!

Gamecenter: smithz2

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Anyone know if the Steam version has Steam Achievements or how good the PC version is? It doesn't list Steam Achievements on the Steam site but I have found that sometimes games are not correctly labeled.

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I still can't believe Comcast didn't win this. I personally have never heard anyone say they like Comcast but I'm fine with EA.