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Seems to me like there is only one way to make everyone happy. Giant bomb must become.....

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*flips over every table*

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This shit is madness i tell you!!! Maaaaaaadneeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The work of the Gods

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Giant Bomb made Spring Breakers the #3 dvd on my Netflix queue. I shall soon be there with you friend.

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It's two things: 1) we are all older, and 2) the world has completely changed. The Internet, online purchases, computing technology, video games as a whole, etc. a You can't really catch all that hype in a bottel as you could before. But years ago, when I was much younger, I'd practically drool over just blurry ass photos in an EGM or GamePro mag.

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Yep. This is the perfect way to end my night. Ryan Davis, still Ryan Davis-ing.

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@brendan said:

I can definitely tell the difference between my Klipsch Image S4's and cheap Apple earbuds, and I don't like the feeling of big cans on my head. Works for me.

Exactly this. I got my first pair 5 yrs or so ago, I've never looked back.

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Cue up Sunday Morning everyone


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-Go outside if not outside already

- ball gum up in mouth

-spit gum out just slightly in front of body

-kick falling gum into air with foot (choice of foot is up to individual)

- give middle finger to judging "mature" individuals

-repeat as necessary