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The work of the Gods

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Giant Bomb made Spring Breakers the #3 dvd on my Netflix queue. I shall soon be there with you friend.

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It's two things: 1) we are all older, and 2) the world has completely changed. The Internet, online purchases, computing technology, video games as a whole, etc. a You can't really catch all that hype in a bottel as you could before. But years ago, when I was much younger, I'd practically drool over just blurry ass photos in an EGM or GamePro mag.

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Yep. This is the perfect way to end my night. Ryan Davis, still Ryan Davis-ing.

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@brendan said:

I can definitely tell the difference between my Klipsch Image S4's and cheap Apple earbuds, and I don't like the feeling of big cans on my head. Works for me.

Exactly this. I got my first pair 5 yrs or so ago, I've never looked back.

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Cue up Sunday Morning everyone


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-Go outside if not outside already

- ball gum up in mouth

-spit gum out just slightly in front of body

-kick falling gum into air with foot (choice of foot is up to individual)

- give middle finger to judging "mature" individuals

-repeat as necessary

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This has to be a joke. I can't believe any of this.

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Tricky Scoops does it again!

I'm stunned by this complete 180 but i don't know how they now deal with questions of the future where everyone asks how can we trust you when you were so definite as to how crucial this stuff was and then magically just "hey guys, it's all gone now."

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My main question: whether I'm more excited for the game or the soundtrack? It's neck and neck.