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Not sure if he would be old enough to be embarrassed by it but why not just go full out and treat it like it is a super bowl or something. Put on some face paint and some giant signs. Or, go the college basketball route and print out a giant cardboard sign of his head.

I'm no parent but I'd bet you don't get many chances to share these moments, so way not make the most out of them.

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Will Patrick have the exclusive birthday scoops on his own birthday?

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I would also like to say that I too am from Chicago and as such, I would like it if OP did not try to represent Chicago in anyway. Especially in such an ignorant and moronic fashion. Thank you.

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As a black man, I'm waiting for the moment when we all can look like Morgan Freeman. Only then will progress be made.

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It only took one look at 1st page of almost a 1000 comments to know I don't want to touch this shit throwing fest. I will question why no men were asked anything about it. Just b/c it would be "sexist" doesn't mean men can't comment on it. But whatever. You all may resume yelling at crazy people over the internet.

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I won't be here for when the article goes up but all these f-ing comments just made this whole thing much more confusing. Are people more upset that this was a torso or that is was a female torso? The former sounds pretty meh but the latter sounds crazy.

Either way, looks like GiantBomb is getting ready for a good old fashioned yell off. GET YOUR POPCORN EATING GIFS READY PEOPLE!

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"Next up is the fantastic Homefront franchise. Let's say we start the bidding at $500k!"

*Crytek rep scratches nose*

"That's $500k for the man in the back there!"


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I need demand, someone make some giant hurricane balls and use it in some crazy ass art exhibition.

Also check out his all white house interior. That guy is a boss.

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I find interesting the contrast between the apparent acceptance of the attaching of Walking Dead for its various bugs and glitches and the lack of attacking of Skyrim last year. Didn't stop that game from being GOTY for people even though it was practically unplayable on the Ps3.

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I'm not trolling. I've tried every Gamestop in my area as well as Best Buys. All sold out. This really doesn't happen so far as I've noticed. Either Capcom shipped limited quantities or the game is doing insanely well.

lol fuck it, I guess anecdotal trumps empirical. I better go preorder the sequel.

Stop being a D-Bag.

The guy never said he was a reporter. He made a comment about an experience he had. Freaking get over it.

"Man! It's pouring outside! We're getting a lot of rain this year."


Pretty sure it's more like someone saying "Man! It's pouring outside! It must be raining EVERYWHERE!"

Of which, I would pray you'd ask for a source if someone said that. To make sure that person is not a wizard. Or on PCP.