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Hello Giant Bomb, I would like to request your help in trying to figure out what all of this techno babble means?

I then got a link to some hot software (which I totally don't know how it works) over here:

I am really bad at this sort of thing but I am sure you guys can figure it out... maybe good luck

So theres this website

Seems like they have been doing some stuff for sometime

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Hey I wanna buy this game on XBLM but I was wondering on what I would be missing out on since I only have a silver membership.Would I still be able to rank on the leaderboards or what?

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I dunno where the archived video is

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What was the name of the dude with the big ass bass who was on the big live live show a long time ago?

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In the first Fire Emblem game released in America(The GBA one) the default tactitian name was Mark I believe

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I dont see Chuck getting a lot of love which is a damn shame because he could have been an awesome character and is just completly forgotten by everybody else.Maybe im looking too much into this,but is it Telltale telling us tha tno one gives a damn sbout the homeless even in the zombie apocalypse.

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I dont think Taletell would be as careless as that just being a reused asset

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On the 360 the loading times seem abit long but theres this one part in episode 5 where you are climbing a ladder and the framerate turn into like 4-5 which is horrible

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@DonutFever: I found all his jokes really stupid and out of place,the time we were in the attic made me really hate him.Fuck,Christa even got fed up with his bullshit.