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Bummer. Seems more like dilution than expansion, but I understand why Vinny has to go where he has family.

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How is Vinny's Linux distro coming along? I'm more interested in that.

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@eviternal: Projects have to get their funding from kickstarter. Their goal should be what they NEED. Ouya's money is paying for exclusivity and publicity; they aren't entering into a publishing agreement or subsidizing development so that a developer can cut its actual goal in half. If a developer is counting on Ouya's money up front, then their goal was too low.

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I didn't like Braid, didn't play Fez, but I've got more use for Jon Blow and Phil Phish than I have for the "Annoyed Gamer" (gee, what a creative handle). He's a Kotaku comment troll with a platform. The internet would be a better place without his pathetically pandering and thoughtless shtick.

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Their mailbag videos always upset me, because they are reminders of how poor their diets are/were. I had long ago contemplated something serious happening to one of them (likely Ryan or Jeff) and wondered how the site would ever be the same afterwards. I distinctly remember Ryan being a casualty of the all-day Kinect launch stream and it scaring the shit out of me and now it seems like he similarly succumbed to the exertion of his own wedding.

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Damn it.

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I knew when everyone was patting themselves on the back over $3.3 million raised that it was still a paltry amount that even an experienced studio could easily exceed if they weren't extremely careful/lucky. I straight didn't believe them when they said they could make anything of consequence with $400,000.

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So, it took them 5 years to ship a game, then they got one out in 2 years, but it sounded like it was little more than a remix of the first game, and they had 160 employees!? They deserved to be shut down and Warren Spector should leave the game industry as he doesn't seem to have anything left to offer it.

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To my sensibilities, it's gross. That's all that needs to be said or acknowledged. I'm sure there are a lot of people that would like to see gross stuff eradicated, but that's neither realistic nor healthy. We need to be exposed to these kinds of things periodically to trigger our "immune response". Because like a real immune system, if you don't give it anything to do, it starts overreacting to innocuous shit. And that's what's going to happen. 'Gross' will never go away -- the line of grossness will just march forward and eventually we'll have the societal version of Crohn's disease. Some would argue we're already at that phase.

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I feel like a lot of people have the fanciful idea of Wind Waker in their head, due to the art style, but if they actually went back and played it, they would find themselves bored to tears. Soon after I beat that game, I tried to replay it and I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to get very far at all. Those handful of true dungeons are long and laborious, the sailing is tedious padding, and I hated ALL of the side activities. The drive to see the ending and the fact that it was a primary Zelda game are the only things that propelled me through that first playthrough. I can see a lot of people picking up the remake and not even getting off the first island, unless they make some changes.