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Posted by SmokestormX

 Well here we are for part2 of my journey intoDark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), today we explore the first of which I expect are many dungeons to come.

Also production is stepping up and we have gone widescreen, that's progress for you.

Posted by SmokestormX

I don't want to spam this forum or the recent activity of Dark Cloud 2 with all these videos, so i'll be only attaching it to the blog here every X amount of vids... that's if i last that long.  
If anyone knows a better way then please let me know , otherwise , just click through to my blog pages for the updates or visit my site www.shadowreality.co.uk.

Posted by CL60

I don't think I ever beat this game. I got stuck I think.

Posted by Coltonio7

Dark Cloud 2? I love you so much.