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I noticed on the leaderboards that the money caps out at around 100,000,000 , so unless you feel like grinding till then .. I don't know why the money looks different if there is even more money in the drops.
I almost feel that this game was intended to be way longer, but was trimmed down for an xbla game instead, becuase you find all the armour very quickly there seldom is a need to go buy anything anyway.

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@Ghost407 said:
" So much news, so little time to read it! "
true true
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thx for link

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I am very eagerly awaiting the new indie game Sleep is Death , a two-player only adventure game, where player one play's the adventure game and player two responds to their action's and even creates art assets on the fly. I really recommend you go check out this game right now!
So while I wait and wait and wait, I thought I'd complete one of the new GB's quests by posting a blog post. More Quests await!
Are you picking up this game? I think there needs to be some GB art assists, Pixel Artists Assemble!

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Ok i'm gonna spend some time adding your codes to my game. I'm looking for some creative peeps to share with , I've got 2 games up ready to go atm.
FC:  0689 7793 4983

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There is something magical about the AMIGA , the games were just so memorable and many of the cross-platform titles that were on the Amiga often had some advantage to the console version. And I'm glad some developers from back then are still going and bringing out re-makes.
Games that stick out for me are Rodland , Moonstone: A hard days knight, IK+, Pinball Dreams and I really enjoyed Frontier: Elite II .   But in all honesty I could list games forever here, I played far far far too many. Prehaps I can contribute to Giant bombs growing Amiga section.  Nice avatar Jonnyboy btw :)

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 Today we take a look at the Georama features of the game by making small elvish creatures drive in a “Carpeterion”. Quite possibly the worst name ever made up for a vehicle, or maybe it’s the best. 

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 We stop fighting monsters and take a day out fishing instead, we caught this one fish and it was this big!!


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 We learn about death in this episode, and it's a tough lesson to learn.

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 We take a look around Palm Brinks a bit more and take some snaps. 

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