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DAMN IT. Just saw Jeff rocking this on the mario party archive, really hope these get relaunched.

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WHAT. Snakes nightmare and the secret theater are gone in the he version? That's a fucking travesty. Those were some of my favorite extras ever.

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@blzzzrrttt: Damn you, making me think about things! Hmm, could I perhaps have Reus? That would make my night.

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If you're still giving these out, Just throw whatever my way. I like surprises.

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If you ever make a character in pathfinder remember rule number 1.

#1. Don't make a Dhampir Paladin.

That's all you really need to know.

Oh man. I'm curious as to what led to such a terrible decision. Unless it was a Paladin of Freedom or some such variant

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@believer258: speak of the devil and he shall appear!

I like FFX-2 because of how utterly stupid it is. It reaches borderline self-parody with some of the things it does and as someone who can get tired of the self-serious nature of Final Fantasy I really enjoyed that. I fully understand why someone who loved FFX would find this game (essentially a quick cash-in after The Spirits Within lost a bajillion dollars and forced Square to merge with Enix) insulting.

The combat is actually fun though. It's quick and snappy and has those ridiculous sailor moon-esque transformation sequences every time you change jobs. It's just the kind of dumb I can get behind.

This sums up my thoughts completely. X-2 is super dumb and I love it.

All of this. The story is DUMB. However, the combat is immensely enjoyable.

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I've never done that but I have gotten into the wrong car on several occasions. I think one guy thought I was trying to steal it, as he looked genuinely terrified.

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@syz: The film seems to be a continuation of the series post episode 24. I always took it as either the events of episodes 25-26 and EoE were happening concurrently, albeit one having a happier ending and happening in shinji's head. OR 25-26 was just how it was meant to be and none of the robot stuff mattered. Granted, Anno put the death threats he received in EoE as images, so that whole thing could just be a giant fuck you to the fans.

Though I could just be on dust.

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Look I ended up really liking Dark Souls and Dota. Dynasty Warriors is a fun way to burn a few hours but if this becomes a new thing I'm taking the Capcom route and ending it right here.

No, this site needs to become a playground for experimental bullshit! I'm all for this, as long as he plays Zhou Tai.