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@demoskinos: God, do I regret buying that DoA port. But yeah, MKX has been a crapshoot the whole time. I'm glad I didn't get on steam early enough today to download the nightmare that is the 15gb patch.

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Absolute joy. ABSOLUTE. JOY.

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@demoskinos: That move is just my kind of absurdity and I love pancakes!

@lestephan:It's not like you really need a translation to actually play something like this, I fumbled through Sengoku Basara Utage just fine, and FAQs will eventually exist.

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Its comparable to Dissida to me.


Meh, I guess I can pass on the show then, too busy watching Jojo's anyway. Also the fanservice is way too dumb to really be taken seriously, I mean come on, the breast size is just absurd!

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Damn, I REALLY wish I hadn't had to sell my Vita. That copy of P4G will never be finished...

But on the thread topic: While I've never been a huge fan of the Senrans the 3ds game sort of got me interested, even if it had some brain dead combat, it was still fun. I'm assuming this will have better combat, being in a full 3d plane and all. Lastly, should I bother with the anime? It looks DUMB and I love me some DUMB as long as it's not dreadfully boring

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I noticed a lot of the flight sticks I'd been considering were back-ordered on Amazon after that Elite quick look went up. Coincidence?

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@nightriff said:

Huh, considering Wolf Among Us is the best game this year, comparing those two doesn't really matter.

You meant Guilty Gear Xrd, but that's okay. We all make mistakes. Except for me.

The lack of playable Johnny immediately disqualifies Xrd from being the best anything, except maybe the best looking.

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This will be fun tournament, wish I had the dosh to make it out to the west coast. On another note, why remove a character from the american release just because of a negative response? It's not like people have to play her, unless she's fantastically high tier or something silly. The more characters the better I say, balance be damned!

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Done and done. Good luck mate.

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DAMN IT. Just saw Jeff rocking this on the mario party archive, really hope these get relaunched.