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Really? No Loot?

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Great, I just got my XL a week ago.

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This...this actually sucks. Talk about breaking the core. Things where going downhill for about 2 years in my eyes and now this. I'm happy for Vinny but man.

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I didn't play it on the PS3. To be honest I haven't touched those consoles in 3 years. Anyway, might actually get a PS4 now

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It's nice how you interdependent the "you are playing it wrong" comments with people just wanting you to have a more pure experience and you are totally right on that one. That's why it's so hard watching Brad play a Royal and just laugh at the level and enemies while he sits back 10 meters away shooting Soul Arrows, one hitting them without breaking a sweat.

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@somejerk: That's cute, how much do you make a month?

I make 300 euro and that's normal to a bit on the lower end salary here, a game is 60 euro. Yeah, I'll wait for a sale, thanks.

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I like how you are complaining about the size when half of you are reading this article on a tablet.

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Weekly update for greenlighted stuff would be awesome!

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I truly feel like I lost a friend and i didn't even knew the guy. So many years listening to you guys, damn.

RIP you bastard

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Come back Alex, please.