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Great, I just got my XL a week ago.

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This...this actually sucks. Talk about breaking the core. Things where going downhill for about 2 years in my eyes and now this. I'm happy for Vinny but man.

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I didn't play it on the PS3. To be honest I haven't touched those consoles in 3 years. Anyway, might actually get a PS4 now

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It's nice how you interdependent the "you are playing it wrong" comments with people just wanting you to have a more pure experience and you are totally right on that one. That's why it's so hard watching Brad play a Royal and just laugh at the level and enemies while he sits back 10 meters away shooting Soul Arrows, one hitting them without breaking a sweat.

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@somejerk: That's cute, how much do you make a month?

I make 300 euro and that's normal to a bit on the lower end salary here, a game is 60 euro. Yeah, I'll wait for a sale, thanks.

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I like how you are complaining about the size when half of you are reading this article on a tablet.

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Weekly update for greenlighted stuff would be awesome!

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I truly feel like I lost a friend and i didn't even knew the guy. So many years listening to you guys, damn.

RIP you bastard

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Come back Alex, please.

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@Snipzor said:

@Microshock said:

What a bunch of fucking crybabies. Can a company not do anything anymore without outcries from every politically correct person on the planet?

This article was pretty sexist. Why didn't you get any men's commentary on the torso? Why is it all women up there? (I know Patrick has his commentary on it too, but he's one guy and there's 8 responses by women in the post)

It's frustrating to see shit like this.

Well come on, a hacked up corpse with oddly untouched fake tits wasn't made because they didn't want any buzz. Plus a lot of what I've read was a response to how creepy it would be for someone to proudly own it. Oh, and how dumb it is that the boobs are perfectly clean. Seriously, what's up with that? You would have thought that at least one of the severed limbs would have at least sprayed blood all over the rest of the corpse.

Oh come on. If the boobs where cut and leaking silicon we would still be having this conversation.