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But its (so for) only consists of get from point A to point B without any REAL explanation on why you're going there ,,

it was explained fro mthe moment u started hl1 and also when it finished..have u even played hL1;;? ,,Hl3 i'm waiting for Hl2 was a good game slithly dissapointed but still good game;),,hl3 seems to be out of schedule,,a decade ago i played Hl2 though;p,,but its nice to see ppl still enjoy the gem hl2=)

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The game was hilarious for me and my mates to play through. Yeah it is pretty terrible but it does make it all the more glorious.

The amount of time we wasted playing around with the "conversation system" between ourselves was embarassing. We just found it so funny to fuck about with whenever we would come across one of the many co-op doors or ledges or whatevers.

The opening cinematic of Chris' campaign with him in the bar is one of the most hilarious openings I've ever seen too.

Enjoy it for what it is and have a laugh at it when it starts to get really stupid.

And never forget Piers. He is a hero to us all


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he should be playable lol;p;(;)

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@Kidavenger: was that video for me?

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@McGhee: agreed;)@Poppduder: YEs

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cover your eyes to realize the painful discovery ,,of what machine is best,,'

look at tekken 6 loading time on the ps3 compared to the xbox360,, i'm sure u are willing to puke about that truth;p

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my bad english,,i'm extremly tired,,and in a bad mood;p

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i understand very well what arcade is and means in general aka the meaning of it,,one term of the term arcade can be = a bunch of ppl hanging around in a hall with arcade machines or slots,,s ofrankly i'm with the wrong ppls in daily life;p or hanging ;p=),,

problem is u americans talk about like all ppl know what arcade means or is,,not all ppl know what it is;p or have been to an event;p,,.

but i know,,very well;p;)

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haha vanilla ice--cream;) ;o ;p