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It doesn't but if you still want to try it out there's a demo for it available on both PS3 and PS4.

EDIT: Seems the PS3 demo got removed.

Same with the PS4 demo, it quit working for me the day the full game was released.

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I'll only get Christmas day off I think, but I'll either be playing some more Tales of Xillia 2, Valiant Hearts, maybe a bit of Destiny on the side and whatever games I may get as gifts.

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You can indeed trade in those materials you mentioned to two merchants (that I know of), one of the Crucible merchants and the Vanguard merchant near where you can get ships. Trading in 50 of each material can get you a few crucible marks and reputation for either the Crucible or the Vanguards, depending on who you trade those materials in to. I would NOT recommend trading them in though because you barely get any rep or marks for trading those materials in.

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Well I'm not much help, but I can at least tell you the figures are universal. Not sure about the base though.

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Yeah, here's my list. I'll update the list a little later with some text on the how and why these games are where they are.

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"Four." I have a laptop, PS3, PS4 and a Wii U hooked up, though I only have enough HDMI ports for two consoles (I don't hook up my laptop to the TV) at a time.

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Truly there's only one game that I have for this right off the top of my head and that's Persona Q, and the main reason for that is, though I have the game, the "A" button on my 3DS has worn out, so I have to press it pretty hard or just right to get it to work.

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If he wins even just one fight, I'll be super impressed. It's really not wise to start a fight career so late and after being so damn beat up, but hey, Batista did it so maybe Punk can too. Hell, the Green Ranger did it too! Although he's been a martial artist his whole life, so, yeah.

Hey now! Jason David Frank has been a Power Ranger like, five different times over the course of his life. I'm no expert, but I think a knee strike from THE Green Ranger would really fucking hurt. CM Punk is many things, but I don't think it's fair to hold him to such a standard.


I'd totally watch CM Punk throw hands with a dude in a cage. Win or lose, it'd make for an interesting chapter in his story, no?

Hey, speaking of Jason David Frank, apparently he wants to fight CM Punk.

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Never really left outside of a few times where I took a break from the game. I do plan to pick up the DLC, but money woes have made that difficult until maybe my next paycheck.