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Yup, even payed for the Premium DLC for the past few years. Always good to support small developers like these guys.

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Broken Age (Technically, was a slacker backer): I'll likely play the full game once the second part comes out.

Hyper Light Drifter: Can't wait for this one.

Mighty No. 9: Same as Hyper Light Drifter

Neverending Nightmares: Mainly out of sympathy for the creator. I actually was going to play it as well until I saw the trailer for the game and saw that one scene where you're pulling a vein out of someone's wrist, that was a little much for me.

Other Stuff:

Paul and Storm's Ball Pit: Got it signed with a few other neat little bonuses. Had a few snags here and there, but eventually got pretty much everything and have no complaints.

Max Temkin's Werewolf: This one took a while to get out. I didn't have a problem with the kickstarter itself, but I had some issues with how people seemed like they were entitled to new updates and acted like real jerks while waiting for new updates.

Devin Townsend's "Casualties of Cool" project: While not a Kickstarter project (it was a similar thing on a site called Pledge Music, basically Kickstarter for music projects) The project itself was already complete, the money basically went towards helping Devin fund his Z2 project. Got the deluxe 2-disc version of the album pretty fast (and signed by Devin and Che Aimee Dorval) and helped Devin with a passion project, was a win-win in my book. Both Casualties of Cool and both parts of Z2 were some of my favorite albums last year.

Overall, no real problems outside of a few delays here and there, which should be expected and I can wait a while longer so the games/products get the time they need to hopefully be great.

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So far, definitely Dying Light, which is a surprise since I didn't exactly enjoy Dead Island (saw some potential, but a lot of things held that game back)

I also enjoyed Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but the RNG in the game can get really frustrating at times.

Even though Episode 1 came out last year, I'm also enjoying Tales from the Borderlands and I hope the rest of the game is just as good as the first two episodes.

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Games I Completed:
Dragon Ball Xenoverse: I really enjoyed it, even though the RNG in the game was pretty frustrating at times. Playing Patrol Quests with friends is pretty fun as well.

Tales from the Borderlands: Finished Episodes 1 and 2 over the weekend. Pretty funny, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Here's to hoping the wait between episodes 2 and 3 won't be as long as the gap between 1 and 2.

Games I played:
Borderlands 2: Handsome Colleciton, just started the game a few days ago. I've finished the game previously on PS3 and PC a few times each.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Handsome Collection again, as well as on PC. Beat the game on Normal mode on PC with two characters previously, currently going through the last DLC on PC while also playing through the game on PS4.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Slowly making more progress in both of these as well.

Amplitude: It's been a while and I've picked up quite a bit of new music so I decided to sit down and play this for a bit during downtime.

Sunset Overdrive: Picked up an Xbone and got this with it. Haven't made much progress, will get back to it eventually.

South Park: The Stick of Truth: Got it on PSN for $5, really liking this one too. Just finished the first day, but haven't played it in about a week. Will likely play more of it this weekend.

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It largely depends on the game. If it's a glitch-heavy game where there's potential for me to lose a lot of progress if something goes wrong, at least two. If there's a pretty significant divergent path in the story itself, might make a save at that point too, just in case I don't want to play through the full game a second time to get back to that point and make the other choice to see how that plays out.

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Right now, neither. I played Episode 1 of Tales from the Borderlands at a friend's house last year and plan to pick it up a little later though.

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Well I haven't played the game in a while, unfortunately I'm also not that far in (I just met Hawke) and I'm on the PS4, so since this is a timed exclusive, it gives me some time to get through the game more before the DLC drops for me.

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Well this thread convinced me to do two things:

1. Finally buy a record player that I've had my eye on for about three years

2. Order this soundtrack

Not regretting either of those decisions.

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Possibly, but likely not at launch. Did buy and largely enjoyed DmC as well.

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Unfortunately no pictures because I seem to have lost my camera, but I bought three things today:
Xbox One (darn you Rock Band 4 announcement, especially so soon after I got my tax return back)

Sunset Overdrive

Sonic amiibo (found two of them at a store today and picked one of them up, probably one of the more rare amiibo I've found in a brick and mortar store)