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One hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks. I used to skip the breaks more often than not, but I almost always took my lunches (even if I think sometimes an hour is too long because I get bored). Now that I've been at my current job for a while and have a new, somewhat more laid back position, I almost always take my breaks outside of a few rare situations where I'm pulled elsewhere out of the blue and sometimes lose track of the time or simply don't have time to take one, and I always take my lunch, though sometimes I might clock back in from lunch a bit early.

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We first got internet when I was 8 years old, so I pulled out some packaging from a toy that I had saved and went to the toy companies website. Nothing amazing, but for some reason that's stuck with me for nearly 20 years.

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Yes, for the co-op stuff. That's the main thing I was interested in from the time they first showed off some gameplay at E3 a couple of years ago. I was a little interested in how the story would plan out, and that was a bit disappointing, but that's not really why I bought the game. I just wanted another co-op focused game to play with my best friend. It also helped that a friend at work was picking up the game and has shown a surprising amount of excitement and enthusiasm for the game, and that kind of rubbed off on my right before release.

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The one that immediately comes to mind is an N64 game called Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth Found it in a bargain bin at a Toys R Us when I was a kid and bought it. Played some local co-op with friends, and was an alright game. Nobody else that I know has ever heard of the game.

Edit: Also I put in an unholy amount of time into Gotcha Force on the GameCube. I loved that game so much.

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@fattony12000: I did get the Done! message for joining the NA East clan, but I'm still pending on setting it as my Playstation Clan.

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@babychoochoo said:

McCartney seems like just another famous name they wanted to attach to the game because "yo, fuck it, we got money!"

@takenbytrees said:

Give it up Paul, its not as though you need the money and Bungie must have payed out big style for this to score credits that 75% of the players will never watch.

Apparently he did it for nothing.


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I was at school (6th Grade) Had no idea that it had happened, as no teacher or staff member said a word. I found out through our bus driver, of all things. I didn't get it at first, got home and saw the news and still couldn't wrap my head around something like that happening. I was a pretty naive child then.

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I know that White items are Common, Green is Uncommon, and Blue items are rare. How many other levels of rarity are there and what colors represent them?

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That is all.

After playing 50+ hours of the beta (I think that's what you said in one of your blogs, anyway) anything short of that would have been shocking to me.

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Played about three hours this morning on my own, then another hour with two friends between the time I got up/ate supper and then got ready for work. I'm still in the beta content, but I'm still having quite a bit of fun with it. It seemed the most fun with friends, especially with one who was still coming to grips with everything, so my other friend and I taught him some stuff while helping him with some bounties (he was a few levels lower than we were) and still had a blast. I unlocked the Moon, but haven't been back there yet since that short period in the beta when it opened up to people, can't wait to go back there again since I'm sure there was a lot of stuff my friend and I haven't seen yet (we did a lot of exploring on the moon during the Beta, and that was probably one of my highlights from it)

What others have said about the sound quality (especially if you have some good headphones/surround sound system) is definitely true for me. I doubt I'll play the game without my headphones plugged in anytime soon.

I have my doubts that the story is really going to get any better, but I'm honestly fine with that. Kind of got used to that during the beta, and I mainly wanted to play this so I could do a good bit of co-op with some friends, and that's really been the highlight of my day of playing so far.

Haven't touched the PvP content yet in the main game, but besides a few new maps, I'm sure that the control match type hasn't changed much since the beta.

Overall, I'm enjoying it and can't wait until the weekend so I can play it some more without my work and sleep schedule getting in the way.