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Was this really worth making a topic about?

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@Gumby said:
" . . . Or they could do something REALLY stupid and put in avatars!!    "
No way it could happen though since Microsoft refuses to have Avatars be involved in any violent situations.
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There used to be one game rental shop near me before Blockbuster moved in and forced them out of business.  Blockbuster was almost dead to me when their prices for rentals kept going up and then they moved to a *Credit/Debit Cards Only* for renting games (for a long time, I preferred cash).  Then they never had games I wanted to rent.  So game rentals have been dead to me for a long time.

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From Rockbandaide:
D’oh! Did someone over at Harmonix may have inadvertently put up the incorrect video intro in this week’s DLC announcement using a future DLC release instead? It certainly appears that way. And forum poster “Alvarado6411″ was quick enough to grab a copy of the video before it was pulled. While this is not confirmation that the songs are coming, because anything could (and has) gone wrong at the last second, but considering the source is, I think that’s as close to a confirmation of future DLC as we’re gonna get.

The songs featured in the leaked video below are…

  • Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Grand Funk Railroad – American Band
  • J Geils Band – Freeze Frame
And here's a video someone caught before it was taken down by HMX.
Considering HMX has already made a video for these songs, how excited are you about these (more than likely to happen) songs for DLC?
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And with Through the Fire and Flames having a Pro Guitar upgrade, I see many pro guitars being tossed around.

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@Video_Game_King said:

" Does this count?

Nostalgia wave just hit me like a truck.
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If you consider work study work, then yes, I usually get on at least once while I'm at work study.

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I love me some Slough Feg.