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@Chuggsy said:
" Auto-tuning. It just screams "no talent" to me.   Also people need to get the fuck over this hating Justin Bieber shit. Just don't listen to his music. I've never heard a full song of his, and even if I did, I wouldn't whine about it on the internet or to my friends. The people complaining about Justin Beiber are a million times more annoying than Justin Beiber himself, god damn. "
I find it humorous that Beiber haters promote him more than his fans do.
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When the bass guitar is nearly inaudible.  This happens far too often if you ask me.

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Just read about it.  Not really a fan, but that's cool I guess.
Now get back to me when Dream Theater finally decides to tell us who's replacing Mike Portnoy.
Edit:  I'm not really trying to hate on Slipknot, I do like a few of their songs, but if given the chance to see them live or something, I would probably pass.

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I don't use it because I don't really have enough games to really use it.  Only 19 right now and out of those I'm really only playing Torchlight right now (and even then not "right now" while I'm on break, that's usually a game I play during longer breaks between classes)

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I never started following him on Twitter, mainly because I very rarely use Twitter.

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The most recent was probably Halo: Reach.  I was staying at a friends house and he rented it for co-op.  I just couldn't get sucked into it.

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If you have to ask, you'll never know.

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I want to see Rango, but I can never really get to a movie theater during my free time.  I'll definitely keep it on my "To Watch" list for when it comes out on video.

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Dream Theater
Slough Feg
Those three for sure.  There are quite a few others, but those three are probably the most important.

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A friend of mine got his copy.  He's basically swearing off all human contact during his spring break until he has read it.