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Trying out the new guitar and all I can think of is "Man, I really wish the Xplorer from the 360 version of Guitar Hero II was compatible..." I'm so used to using it now that using any other guitar just doesn't feel right to me.

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Had to cancel my band in a box set because I just couldn't afford it right now and opted for the $80 Xbone set with the adapter. Ordered it on September 14 and Amazon doesn't even have a delivery estimate for me right now so it's all up in the air on when I may even get the game.

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@cmblasko: According to the instrument compatibility list, it seems if you have an ion drum kit for the PS3, it will work on the PS4, but the 360 version will not work on the Xbox One. I'm not entirely sure about the cymbals and double bass though.

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According to that Wikipedia article, I saw Jack Frost on VHS. Mind you, I was about 8 or 9, but I liked it at the time. Now though, probably not.

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@turtlebird95: I'm sure you found the answer by now, but it's most likely Transformers: Armada.

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Continuing from last weekend's viewing of Mad Max, I just finished The Road Warrior. I'll be honest, I think I enjoyed Mad Max a little more. For some reason, while I appreciated how Humongous was a more charismatic villain, I think I liked Toecutter from the first film more because he seemed more unpredictable. It's nice to see a more post-apocalyptic setting compared to the first film though, and for some parts of the film I tried to see how Road Warrior influenced other post apocalyptic media, which was fun.

Overall, while still a good movie, I found myself a little more hooked to Mad Max. I'll give it a 7.5/10

Next week I'll watch Beyond Thunderdome.

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The closest theater to my house was surprisingly still showing Inside Out, and decided this was the weekend I would finally see it and boy was I not disappointed. It's a very cerebral and emotionally charged film that has a lot of heart. A friend of mine mentioned that he cried at the end of it, and I admit it took a lot to not cry too. I highly recommend the film to any Pixar fans out there.


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I bought the Mad Max Anthology that came out last week with Fury Road. I was only planning on picking up Fury Road based purely on the reception the film had received from reviewers and people here. However, I never watched any of the Mad Max films and saw the set with all four films and decided to pick it up instead. I figure I'll watch one film a weekend so I don't get burned out on the series. With that said, I just finished watching the first film.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's a bit straightforward, but that didn't really bother me. I can see how it influenced various films, games, etc. in several ways. I just really liked the look of the film all the way through and I can't wait to see The Road Warrior next weekend.


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Still playing through this one, but I really liked the Cowboy Bebop reference you can make.

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Man, I really hope that as the show goes on they'll eventually release season sets on DVD/Blu-Ray and not just a bunch of random compilation DVDs.