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Gotta go boneless.

Some things never change.

And I'm so happy this debate still rages on to this day.

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Used to have the album art for Slough Feg's "Traveller" as an avatar for a couple of years.

Changed it to an image of Megadeth's mascot, Vic Rattlehead, and kept it for a while longer (with an added Santa hat for Christmas)

My newest one I changed during Rorie's "Puppy Chat" live show, my dog, and it's been that since. Don't see myself changing it anytime soon, especially since he recently passed away, so now it's kind of my tribute to him on my favorite website.

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@tekzero said:

Instantly thought of Bioshock. Lighthouses, undersea areas.. above the clouds themed rides...

Sounds like an objectively good time.

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I remember when I got my Gamecube, we went to the local rental place and I was determined to rent three games. I picked out two pretty quickly, but struggled with my third choice. Finally decided on one for laughs (or so I thought) Animal Crossing. Turns out my joke choice would be the one that was above and beyond the other two (that I can't even remember anymore) I think in the few days I had those rentals, I played Animal Crossing more than the games I got for the system itself, I loved it.

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The Lego Movie

Bit of a slow start that made me wonder if I perhaps fell into the hype a bit, but once things started picking up, I was hooked. Kind of saw the little surprise coming, but not in the way that it was actually shown in the film. Really sweet film all around, I loved it.

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I don't know, Super Smash Bros. Fo(u)r seems fine to me.

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Was working at my summer job (cleaning dishes/tables/floor at the cafeteria on a campground). Between meals I booted up my Kindle to see if anything special was going on and saw the post. At first I thought the title was a strange joke (like others have said) but as I read I was dumbstruck. I just went through the motions for the rest of the day, not really spouting out any humorous jokes or anything to co-workers like I usually do to make our fairly tedious job go by a little bit better.

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I guess the "Already Own New Console I Want" option is the one for me, though it's plural for me, not singular.

Already owned a Wii U and a PS4. Though it looked like there were some pretty good games for the One on display at E3, there's still not enough on there for me to justify a $400 purchase.

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So far I really liked:
inFamous: Second Son

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends

Mario Kart 8

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I was lucky to have met him during PAX East last year. It was a shocking blow to find out he suddenly passed away just a few short months later. I don't drink personally, but I'll raise a bottle of my favorite beverage for him all the same.