GOTY 2012

This year has been an interesting year for me and gaming. I sold all my consoles except for my PS3 and purchased a Vita, so this has largely been a multiplatform/Sony kind of year for me. I'll edit this a little later and add some Honorable Mentions as well.

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Having Persona 4 at the top of a 2012 game of the year list seems almost like cheating to me. Sure, it's an amazing game, but is it really significantly different enough than the amazing game that was released back in 2008?

Posted by SMTDante89

I guess it depends on how you would define significant. For me, there's more than enough stuff to justify it, with two new social links, multiple new events, new Personas, a new dungeon, a brand new epilogue and maybe a few things I'm forgetting. But I did have to ask myself that same question when I was putting this list together.

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@Chaser324: I felt the same way. But technically it was released in 2012. I agree with SMTDante89, The port is so much better than the original game in so many ways. They not only added more social links and fanservice, but the online implements aren't terrible and sometimes helpful in a way. They add more ways to obtain more SP and there is an epilogue by maxing someone's social link. It's pretty much Persona 4 FES.