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Acute Mountain Sickness? Oh man that stuff is the WORST.

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Being an animator/Disney collector/crazy person, I had to get the Epic Mickey collector's edition. 
The Mickey figure goes awesome with the Oswald statue I already had.  

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Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu: The Game. 
It's like Kirby meets Katamari Damacy.

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Just redid my Collectorz database last week: 516 games. 

And barely enough room to fit them all in my tiny one-bedroom apartment. 
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 Only controller I ever broke was due to Toy Story for the SNES.    

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@2HeadedNinja said:
" Valve has a pretty good connection to Telltale it seems ... so I doubt it wont be on steam. I would even go so far to day there will be another TF2 item tie in like with Sam&Max and the poker game. "
Oh man, I want Marty's life jacket vest or Future Marty's crazy color-changing hat on my Medic RIGHT NOW.
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All I want is a hoodie with the GB logo on it. 

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World of Warcraft sure does have a loyal fanbase.

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@Csaint said: 
It could be, I'm really not sure; I was very young when I played it. But I remember there to be a parrot not just any bird, and the only thing that I'm certain of to this date is the sound that it makes, or rather, the tune. Thanks anway~ "
Well, there was a 1995 remake with a parrot instead of a bluebird. I didn't play the remake so I have no idea if it made any little noise/tune.

 Now with 20% more parrot!