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@Csaint said:
" Now the game I'm lookin' for is a bit hard to describe. It's an educational game that I used to play when I was a kid in the mid 90's. I remember the "Main menu" of it, if it was, was basically the interior of your room and the most memorable thing about that game is the parrot on the left side of the room I believe. Every time you click on him he makes the exact same catchy tone that I used to listen to over and over again. I miss that game! "
That sounds like The Playroom to me. 

Playroom main menu
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  I love me some Mole Mania.  
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Perfect Dark. I was 15.

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Burnout Paradise. 
 It's been out for a while, so I bet you can pick up a copy real cheap. 
The Sonic All-Stars Racing is a good idea too, but with him being eleven...I don't know, all the kids I've met around that age like to try and act older than they really are. Getting him a kart racer might appear condescending. 
 Then again, I might be putting too much thought into it.

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If I had to guess I'd say Snivy is a portmanteau of Snake+Ivy (or Snide+Ivy, given his smug little grin). 
Tepig is Tepid+Pig, which could be neat  if each stage of evolution uses a hotter word.  
The only one I can't really jive with is Oshawott. Oshawa+Otter? 
Thoughts? Prefer the Japanese names? Prefer the fan-made names (Pignite, Wotter, Smugleaf, Emboar, etc)?
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Not sure if anime is your thing, but there's a really good Love Hina one for the Game Boy Advance that's been fan-translated into English. 
All the fun of a date sim, minus the AO-rated situations (which is either a pro or con, depending on how much you like virtual ladies). 
@OppressiveStink said:

"  @GunslingerPanda: Well, if you want something that's kinda similar and really japanese and really kinda fun, I have the daughter-raising/JRPG game princess maker 2 for ya.  It's old as hell but free.  Also, not so pervy.     Fun facts about this game: It's made by Gainax, the same guys who made the anime Tengen Topper Gurren Lagaan and Evangelion.  Also, it has a full translation because it was supposed to come out here, but abandoned a the last second.  Download link at the bottom of this post. "
EDIT: Oh man, I totally forgot about this game! Great fun. Reinstalling...
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New avatar, new santa hat.

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Pokémon Red - 157 hours 
Pokémon Diamond - 250 hours 
I like Pokémon.

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That is all sorts of awesome. I use Collectorz to manage my games collection (450 games so far) and it's got a few graph/statistic options that I've always wanted to completely fill out (release date, publisher, metacritic rating, etc), but I can never find the time.
The most I've ever gotten around to is filling out the release year for every game, and that took an entire rainy evening.