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I've had great luck with both brands. (semi-modern) Moved from a 4200Ti to 2x 8800GT SLI to a 5870 to 2x 6950's (one ended up being moved to my "steambox"), and just pulled the trigger on a shiny GTX 970. Go where the value is. Both sides work just fine right now driver wise.

Current setup: desktop: GTX 970, steambox: radeon 6950, laptop: 650M.

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I'm just glad that you finally got that PC.

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I am at a loss for words. I have never before been so saddened by the death of someone I never knew. Ryan left behind quite an impression.

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Anyone else get a real Super Smash Brothers Pika-Thunder vibe from that youtube video?

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Cheaper to tether...

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@BionicRadd: You do know that you can disable any ad pop-ups in Steam right? It's in the settings menu - turn off the notify me of upcoming releases/sales/etc. When Steam opens on my machines all I see is my games list and friends list. The only time I ever see ads is if I open the store - and those are ads for sales/new releases on the Steam store, as expected on a store front. Honestly my first thought when I read your post was, "Steam has ads?".

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Amazing job! /followed

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@FlemmingM said:

I pimped my saw-mill...

Bling bling dwag!

I knew that mill was dangerous! I was literally just there 30 minutes ago. Any side quests to pickup at that location?

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@bonorbitz: What PC issues? Crossfire/SLI scaling is pretty bad, but that will be fixed on the driver end. Aside from menu scaling in eyefinity (fixable using memory hacks found on the WSGF for now) I haven't run into any issues (~6-hours in).

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This is an unsettling trend. Devs finish the game for consoles in time to go gold for disc pressing, then start focusing and inevitably delaying the PC version. It's a completely unacceptable practice.

Why have these delays gotten no press? The only people aware of it already pre-ordered the game :(