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I really can't recommend buying another dual core now, especially with games like Bad Company 2 that fully saturate a quad.  If you have the funds a q9550/q9650 and a 5850/5870/gtx470 would be a huge upgrade.  What kind of power supply do you have?  You may need more juice for a new card.

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You should be able to hit ~3Ghz on that cpu with a decent cooler if you know what you're doing.  After that you would need a new video card and you're set.  Right now a 5850 is your best bang for the buck, but nvidia is releasing new gpu's in a week so I'd wait.  You also could consider a quad -- the core2quads fit in your 775 socket.

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Run a prime95 small FFT test and watch your temps w/ coretemp.  It's possible the hsf is not properly mounted -- pins sometimes are not all the way in or it's not tight enough.

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 Mine was built by myself:

MotherBoard: MSI P7n  Platinum Sli 
Processor:Q6600 @ 3.5GHz  w/ Noctua
Memory: 4GB RAM GSkill @ 1066mhz 6-6-6
Hard Drive: 1.5TB on desktop, 4x 1TB WD Green Raid 5 on server + 1TB, 2TB on HTPC
Video Card:2x 8800GT SLI (need an upgrade)
Monitor: 28in Hannspree
Sound Card: mobo
Speakers/Headphones: Razer HP-1
Keyboard: Razer Lycosa
Mouse: Razer Deathadder
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate / Ubuntu
     Case:Antec 900
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Halo 3 / Fable 2 in my bundle

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I sure hope those new nvidia chips are out soon -- tessellation is dropping a 5970 into single digits when turned on in this game!

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Don't think we're talking about games that haven't come out yet... 
Then again I lack the raw gpu power to take advantage of dx11 and tessellation.