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Hopefully the great success that other XBLA titles are seeing on Steam will make a PC release more appealing.  I would also be in on this day one.  I would imagine this game would sell amazingly well on Steam.

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@Sitoxity said:

You don't need any custom launchers now, just maximizing it up-rezes the game now.

The launcher is still needed to play in eyefinity/surround, but other than that, yes.
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@JoeyRavn said:
I like this game and Steam Achievements will be a very nice and welcome addition to it, but I refuse to play it until they add official support for other resolutions than 800x600. It is completely possible, seeing there are couple of loaders that can force custom resolutions, but they don't work with Steam, unfortunately.  But yes, gimme some Steam Cheevos, please.
The custom launchers do work with steam -- just install them in your steamapps\common\terraria folder and launch from there.  If you absolutely must show up on your friends list as playing terraria, launch it and minimize it, then use your launcher.   The only reason I ever use a launcher is to play at eyefinity resolutions, otherwise just maximizing the window on one monitor works fine.
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I'm pretty interested in this.  If it works well, displays proper tab, and can keep up with bends, harmonics, etc. I'm in.  Hopefully the 1/4in to USB adapter is reasonably priced.

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They are shutting down '10  sports games in '11 that have only been out for two years.  This is one step closer to them simply only supporting online with the latest year sports game.  Tiger Woods 10 is still a good game -- this pisses me off.

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@SeanTheBomb said:
never and I would never buy a racing game for PC in the first place.
I would never buy a racing game on anything but the PC.  Three screens and head tracking?  Yes please!
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I play The Witcher 2 with a wireless 360 controller (same with a lot of 3rd person games). 
I play Arma II, DCS A-10C, Black Shark, etc. with my Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS, Rudder Pedals, and TrackIR 5. 
I play fighting games with a SF4 TE Stick. 
Nothing wrong with controllers.  The main draw of the PC is the ability to use whatever controllers you want.  I use every key on the keyboard, a mouse, joystick, pedals, and headtracking every time I play Arma II -- couldn't imagine playing without them. 
When I first played GTA4 I wasn't used to a controller, so I would drive with one, run around with one, etc., but when it came time to make a difficult shot with the sniper rifle I could just reach up and grab the mouse.  Pretty nice best of both worlds type compromise.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

@sfighter21:  Firstly, Skyrim is a console game. I think you'd have a better experience with the PS3 version rather than the console port on the PC  

 False.  Why?  Mods.  See Nehrim for a total conversion Oblivion mod that is absolutely wonderful.  Mods are still breathing new life into that game.
But he does have a point, Skyrim is going to be a dx9 console port.  In all reality it won't be that demanding at all. 
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UPDATE:  Ok, so this is my current setup idea.  Any other suggestions/replacements/ideas would be MUCH appreciated.  I'm trying to keep this within $1000.
CPU:  i5 2500K $220 
Optical Drive:  Sony Optiarc CD/DVD $20 
Power:  Corsair Enthusiast 650W  $90 
Storage:  WD 1.5 TB Already purchased this for $90 
Memory:  Corsair 8GB DDR3 $75 
Video Card:  AMD Sapphire 6950 $243 
Case:  Cooler Master HAF 912 $60 Motherboard:  Ok, this is where I would like some guidance.  Seems like there are MANY options and mixed user reviews on many of the "cheaper" models.  So, the current total is about $798 without shipping costs included.  Any suggestions on any other fans or cooling?  I picked the case because it seems to have good airflow.  Also, what about SSD?  Necessary, or not really?  Thanks guys.

This is a VERY solid build -- I would advise you to get the 2GB card instead, it's not much more and will give you more flexibility down the road (not to mention resale value).  As far as motherboards go I've built up an Asus P8Z68-V Pro for myself and a P8P67 Pro for my friend.  Both boards are great.  I would make sure to get one that can do 8x/8x PCI-E so you can upgrade to crossfire in the future.  I would recommend going with an aftermarket cooler.  I put Corsair H60's in both of these builds (mine in a Corsair 650D case, my friends in a Fractal R3 case).  I can very easily hit 4.5GHz on both machines.  A SSD is a luxury, and will most likely push you out of your price range.  If you went with a z68 you could use SSD caching with a small drive down the road.
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I would not advise purchasing a current Phenom generation AMD chip right now.  They are expected to release the next generation Zambezi (Bulldozer) cpus any day now.  Waiting a few weeks would be a good idea if you are in the AMD camp.  At the very least you should get more for your money.
There is an AMD event July 16th that will be showing gameplay on Bulldozer chips.