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Sniping in bad company 2 is a lot of fun.  Bullet take time to travel, drop over long distances, and penetrate weaker materials.  I think that is the game you are looking for.

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Thanks for the help -- I got in!  ESPN3 is a huge deal for me as I don't get cable and it's not perfectly smooth on my htpc.

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Anyone know where to find your console serial number/ID on  I'm at work and really want espn3 support!  I found the ID, but not the serial number ... guess I have to wait until I get home and it's full :/

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50in Panasonic S-series plasma :)

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ego sn1per

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If you can stay close enough they won't use the big green ranged gun anymore and will instead try to charge you.  You can jump them or sprint behind them and then circle strafe to stay a little behind them as they try to catch up.  Watch out because sometimes they will slam the ground and then immediately slam the ground behind them.

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I'd love to play some throwback maps like hang em high.

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Still under warranty?

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I'm fairly sure ODST was the same way.  I do agree that a USB drive should have worked -- I'm surprised that it doesn't.  With that said if you are in the market for a new xbox you really should get one with a big hard drive -- installing your games is the way to go for silent gameplay.