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Yeah same thing for me in australia.

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I think this is blown way out of proportion. I play Tekken and SF online and you hear a lot worst shit talking then what was said here. That's just part of the game. Same thing with any competitive sports. Just that it's never recorded on TV for the sake of people who find profanity unacceptable behavior. If you ever hear professional sport players say profanity, then you would understand. It's part of the mind games you play on your opponent which can cause someone to lose focus and throw their game off. A perfect example of this would be Reggie Miller. One of the biggest shit talkers of all in sport. Made athletes attack him of all the shit he talked, yet he doesn't apologize about it. Why? Because it's apart of his game. Just that none of the things he said are publicized.

So Aris, says what he says, and forgets that he's being recorded live in front of thousands of people. It's just the heat of the moment, and the guy said what he usually says, forgetting that he is live in front of thousands of people. So of course their are going to be casual people, or people who disagree with this sort of behavior watching, thus making this a huge story as it is.

Of course what he said was socially unacceptable, but if you think he seriously meant that towards a woman, I assure you it's not the case. I bet Aris says that to anyone, male or female. Just apart of the shit talking. A part of breaking down the mental aspects of his opponent's game, so he can get an edge. Of course this only works if the opponent pays attention to this,but you get the idea. Shit talking is always going to be in competitive events. Just got to know when to use it and when not to use it.

Your justification for this behavior would make sense (to you at least) if this girl was competing against him, but that wasn't the case. This Aris guy was her coach, why on earth would you expect to be broken down by the person who is supposed to be offering you support?

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May contain content inappropriate for children?

Previous games allowed you to bet on horses, I assume thats what they are talking about.
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Can't wait to play this game, loved Gallop Racer on PS1 and the G1 jockey games on PS2. Would be nice if they added more animations to the horses; It still looks good none the less.