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@extomar said:

This is true if you ignore a bunch of other games and reality in general. Destiny came out for both platforms and worked as promised but never mind that.

I think he's talking about first-party games.

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@zeik said:

If you feel bad about killing those animals but not about murdering all those people then yes, yes you are.

Well, while I haven't played the game, aren't the people you're shooting in Far Cry 4 horrible, horrible terrorists? If he's the type of person who doesn't like shooting civilians in GTA, then he's not necessarily being inconsistent here.

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@evilrazer: The shipping prices are not as crazy as they were in the past, when the shipping would amount to exorbitant amounts (I remember the fastest delivery options would amount to several times the cost of the product).

I remember Rorie collecting feedback on this and solving this issue. Shipping costs are still expensive because it's an overseas delivery, but it's not what it was 2 or so years ago, if that's what you're thinking.

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Isn't the point of custom box art to do away with those pesky ratings/certificates/etc., and actually focus on the art?

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I could see everyone being involved except for Drew . Since he isn't as intense as everyone else about games .

You've clearly yet to hear him talk about Lego Island.

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@jay75: Rorie said a review would go up early in the week. By Rorie. Nobody else really cares about the game, and Jeff certainly doesn't care for it.

The reviewer illustration better be a pupp-- oh wait. Um... The review better assign zero to five puppies!

Is this Rorie's first review on the site?

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@lausebub said:

And Nintendo of Europe is putting it out "during the second half of 2015". Ugh. <.<

Ugh, why does this always happen with Kirby games? There's a massive delay between US an EU releases most, if not all, of the times. As my previous comment demonstrates, that headline got me all excited. :<

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@mb said:

I hate to be the realist in the group but that sounded like an awfully dismissive reply from Hayter. "They would need to contact me via Twitter" sounds pretty close to "Thanks but no."

If he was under the impression that this was just another video series of two guys playing MGS games, that response would be understandable. If he knew what giantbomb was (a website that got Shu Yoshida to show up for an hour), he perhaps would be more willing.

They what.

EDIT: Oh at last E3... I had forgotten about that. For a while I thought you might have meant the Bombcast.

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Her name is familiar, I wonder where I read it before...