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Scruffy brad is favorite Brad. As someone said in the chat during the show, this is dangerously close to mullet territory.

Still kickin' tho.

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Godus. I backed it.

Uninstalled it the other day though, and it had been a while since my last earnest multiple-weeks go at it. I'll probably hop back in when they solidify the game some more again (and remind myself just how poorly paced and uninviting the early game is).

I see hope and potential in that game, though. That's why I play it.

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Took them over six years but they're finally doing it!!!!

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Games are often too damn long. Make them shorter and cheaper! What kind of a story holds for eight consecutive hours?

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I didn't get mine when someone gifted me an yearly renewal, but I e-mailed Rorie and he promptly gave me a code!

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"Rape is a mod at lvl 16 at COBs". Look, without commenting at all on gamergate... That is the hokiest fake video-game sentence I've ever, ever heard.

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Here's the thing: Hitman ≠ Helicopter exploding inside an office building.

The first half of the trailer seems decent though, so maybe half of the movie will be in-tone with the games? I really disliked Timothy Oliphant as the previous casting decision, and this one doesn't strike me as being significantly better, on a first impression - but I'll wait until I see the movie to decide on that!

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There's definitely people in the community who are proficient enough to draw pixelated versions of the staff and, indeed, some who have done it.

The more pertinent question is: do those people have Xbox Ones?

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@damodar: Not to derail the thread bud, but, aluminum.

The -um suffix is consistent with the universal spelling alumina for the oxide (as opposed to aluminia), as lanthana is the oxide of lanthanum, and magnesia, ceria, and thoria are the oxides of magnesium, cerium, and thorium respectively.


The only reasoning I've found behind aluminium reads as follows:

"for so we shall take the liberty of writing the word, in preference to aluminum, which has a less classical sound."

Also Wikipedia

I seek to educate.

Also American English seems to be often arbitrary about when it chooses to get rid of U's and when to keep them.