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8.1 is releasing next month and the overwhelming majority of reviews for it are very positive, saying WP is finally worthy of Android and iOS. WP is in a good place right now :)

Just saying that reviews say that on every update, and then competitors come out with amazing features immediately after that takes us at least two years to get.

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@snail: not disregarding it, but my understanding was that your statement is reversed - they slightly improved battery life at the cost of a greatly superior screen. I'm not saying you are wrong, (since I don't have either system) this is just my perception from comments around the web.

The screen difference is noticeable but won't impact your experience greatly, while the battery life has been increased by 2-3 hours. Considering the Vita Slim is also lighter and has a better design, it makes this decision a no-brainer for me.

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You're disregarding the fact that the slim Vita has greatly improved battery life. To me that matters a lot more than a slightly better screen.

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To me that's not even a question. Two 1080 screens are a lot better than a single screen of a somewhat higher resolution. Like, no question. You get so much more real-estate, and it's so great to split your open programs/games/whatever over two workspaces. It's such a thermal shock to go back to just one screen.

If you do go multi-monitor, I recommend picking up DisplayFusion.

Windows 8 already does everything that DisplayFusion does, so if that's his OS he won't need it. I used to use DisplayFusion on Windows 7, and then when I upgraded I realized I didn't need any of its features anymore.

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I bought my first iPhone in 2008. I switched over to Windows Phone 7 in 2010, got my first Windows Phone 8 device last December, and I definitely want to go back to iOS next time I buy a phone (probably not in the near future).

For years I wasn't using any mobile OS other than Windows Phone 7. Then I started using an iPad 2, and enjoying the huge app selection from the App Store felt so refreshing, and relieving, like I was letting go of some years-long self-inflicted pain - it was so great to delve into the App Store and discover great new apps and games, as well as downloading dozens of popular hits I had heard about over the years. You know when you see an add for an app, and it has the little "Available on the App Store" logo, sometimes right next to the "Available on Google Play" or whatever logo? That never happens for Windows Phone. It's a barren wasteland. Well, not exactly barren: it's more like a landscape full of shit, with some hidden treasures buried in there (and even a few on the surface).

Not only that, but the OS has some frustrating and crippling issues that often seem to be there as a stomp-of-the-foot sort of attitude, in an attempt to establish pride over competitors, like Steve Ballmer somewhere decided "Well, Apple has an undo button, and we won't copy them that much". There's even more bizarre stuff, like the fact that any content you've cut or copied onto your clipboard vanishes completely from existence if you so much as lock the phone.

Bottom line: It's a great OS with some really good ideas, a great design and incredibly fluid usability - but it's got its fair share of unacceptable issues, often of the sort that seem stuck 6 years in the past, and, more to the point, its app Marketplace is a fucking desert compared to Google's and (especially) Apple's.

So I would say stick with iPhone. While versions of iOS prior to 7 kept me from desperately wanting to go back to iPhone, the latest iteration of Apple's mobile OS has definitely changed that. That's going to be my next phone, whenever that is.

In the meantime, the Lumia 520 is a great budget phone and I really like mine. There are things I really, really like about Windows Phone, not the least of which is the way it looks and navigates - sometimes I just enjoy looking at it, and moving around its amazingly fluid and good-looking menus (it's soothingly hypnotizing). And I enjoy having been part of that niche, near-cult community right from the start, eagerly awaiting the next update that's going to bring what the competition has had for two years (up next in 8.1 is a notification center and a voice assistant! Imagine that!). But lacking those features sucks, and I really hate whenever Spotify crashes because support for that app is dead, because who uses WP - and so why would Spotify support its WP app? The fact that Spotify even has an app there is something I'm glad about. And in the end it comes down to that: you'll have a better experience in iOS.

This is sort of a stream of thoughts that I hope elucidates your opinion on the matter. Not particularly structured, and it could probably have been shorter, but I hope it helps nonetheless!

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What you get from the great books, movies, and even TV series is not comparable to what you get from the best of games. Stories allow you to transcend. Games have taught me little, and have made me little wiser.

I still enjoy them and play them. Some of the most fun I've ever had was spent with games, with friends and by myself. Those countless hours of playing tense matches of Smash Bros. were hysterically awesome, and I can't and will not "regret" the time I spent sailing an ocean and controlling the winds in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, living and breathing the story of a young hero, and the world in which it all unravelled.

The way I experience and then remember music is obviously different from the way I experience and then remember films, ditto for books. And ditto for games, which means they are a unique type of experience unto themselves. But as they stand today, games aren't offering a lot other than sheer fun and wonder, which doesn't really make my life significantly better, smarter, or wiser. I still love what games give me, but if you consume too much of it, you might end up wishing you had been doing something else instead. You don't tend to learn anything valuable for your life out of games.

I've also been wanting to enjoy different types of games. I'm really looking forward to FRACT OSC, and to see how it'll overlay some sick electronic music over abstract visual spectacle triggered by your own interactivity with its world.

That's how I feel anyway. You do whatever makes you happy.

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I really like watching EVE Online happen from the sidelines. Playing it would probably force me to be pissed about this kind of thing.

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Why would he be filming a selfie?

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@slag said:

whoah bustin' out the ole @staff user account.

Haven't seen that one in years!

They use it on their Game of the Year articles every year, actually.

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