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@danzig: the product will be available in three different colors oh god will these jokes ever end

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If you own a gaming PC, you don't really need a PS4 (unless you're heavily invested on their 4-or-so exclusive titles) and there's a whole lot more worthwhile experiences you can only access with a Wii U.

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Scruffy brad is favorite Brad. As someone said in the chat during the show, this is dangerously close to mullet territory.

Still kickin' tho.

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Godus. I backed it.

Uninstalled it the other day though, and it had been a while since my last earnest multiple-weeks go at it. I'll probably hop back in when they solidify the game some more again (and remind myself just how poorly paced and uninviting the early game is).

I see hope and potential in that game, though. That's why I play it.

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Took them over six years but they're finally doing it!!!!

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Games are often too damn long. Make them shorter and cheaper! What kind of a story holds for eight consecutive hours?

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I didn't get mine when someone gifted me an yearly renewal, but I e-mailed Rorie and he promptly gave me a code!

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"Rape is a mod at lvl 16 at COBs". Look, without commenting at all on gamergate... That is the hokiest fake video-game sentence I've ever, ever heard.

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Here's the thing: Hitman ≠ Helicopter exploding inside an office building.

The first half of the trailer seems decent though, so maybe half of the movie will be in-tone with the games? I really disliked Timothy Oliphant as the previous casting decision, and this one doesn't strike me as being significantly better, on a first impression - but I'll wait until I see the movie to decide on that!

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