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There's a lot of productive discussion going on in this page, but until Jeff authorizes an official style guide, the unruliness and oddball eclecticism of the wiki will prevail. No matter how much we argue about this, until there is an official stance on what wiki pages should be structured like, threads like these will just sink to the bottom of the forums and only a fraction of potential editors will read them.

Basically, it's very hard to stick to a standard when there really is none, and that causes the wiki to be all over the place. I really think Giant Bomb's wiki would improve by being as streamlined as something like Wikipedia. Sometimes I'm frustrated at a page for being overlong, or just endorsing a structure and style that I find inadequate to the wiki, and yet still conforms to the wiki guidelines (so I can't just righteously edit someone else's work to my own perceptions of what it should be).

This unruliness is part of the reason why I ceased to edit as hard as I used to. I just got to the point when I realized the fun I would be having adding information to this wiki would be exponentially larger if I felt I knew what to expect when I went to a wiki page, if the information tens of thousands of users submitted was a lot more streamlined and easily accessible. Going to a wiki page, currently, is a Russian roulette.

I have been pining for the staff/moderators to release an official style guide for years now. We need that.

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@andrewb said:

@snail: So all-terrain that it has thrusters to just fly over it. Just don't let the corner of a wheel touch anything that looks like lava, or it will instantly cease to function.

Yes yes (that's why I said fix it), but did you see the footage in the OP's video?

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I vote that we close this thread and open a new one.

It's also clearly either Leonardo or Donatello. I haven't seen the cartoons in ages, but those are the two I remember having more fondness for - though truth be told, I don't remember why I liked Donatello that much, just that I did.

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I always thought that removing it was one of the stupidest things they ever did with the franchise - they should have fixed (or improved) it. Looks like that's what they finally did.

Who doesn't love landing on distant desolate planets and explore them at will in an all-terrain vehicle?

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@altor: The reason why it's missing is because WAYLT threads are not allowed in this forum, so this topic will eventually get locked. There's some pretty strict rules around here for YouTube Spam.

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I'm liking the way this roster is shaping up. I wish they add some odd-ball choice no one sees coming, like the mailman or something along those lines.

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So like Tiresias.

EDIT: Oh a brand new person/god/whatever... nevermind. I wonder how this will affect sales in the long-term, and I wonder if they would back down on it if it affected them negatively.

She does look badass, and it could be a very interesting shake-up within a creative universe that's often frustratingly afraid of change. Let's see how they weave this character.

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I actually came into this thread expecting "Fils-Aime for Anime Haters".

What the heck is wrong with me.