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@altor: The reason why it's missing is because WAYLT threads are not allowed in this forum, so this topic will eventually get locked. There's some pretty strict rules around here for YouTube Spam.

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I'm liking the way this roster is shaping up. I wish they add some odd-ball choice no one sees coming, like the mailman or something along those lines.

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So like Tiresias.

EDIT: Oh a brand new person/god/whatever... nevermind. I wonder how this will affect sales in the long-term, and I wonder if they would back down on it if it affected them negatively.

She does look badass, and it could be a very interesting shake-up within a creative universe that's often frustratingly afraid of change. Let's see how they weave this character.

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I actually came into this thread expecting "Fils-Aime for Anime Haters".

What the heck is wrong with me.

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Funny, I was telling a friend about this just yesterday.

It was a single corridor with two bathrooms, one for each sex. When I walked out of the one I had chosen, there were two women queued waiting to get in. I chuckled that they were in line for the wrong bathroom, and when I looked back I noticed the female silhouette symbol stuck to the door. It was mildly embarrassing, it was laughed off by at least one of the queued ladies (I don't think the other found it so funny, for whatever reason), and life went on.

I had been thinking how unusual it was for the men's room to be tiled in pink.

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I don't think I've ever missed someone I never met so much.

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I think emotionally resonant movies, including those that resonate with sad-emotions, will probably impact you differently at different times in your life - and for that reason, if they're good, are worth rewatching.

One and done movies, to me, are bad and mediocre ones (unless they're like, wonderfully bad, of course).

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Cool to see Dan has already been added (whether that was automated or not). I hope you keep updating this app and making it better, it's really great.

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Your aggressive aversion to visual statistics is revealing of deeper issues in your personality, and duder is a genderless word.

Typically morning, I like to feel clean during the day.