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Hardware revisions are neat! It's like we're in the 90's again.

I want one of those!

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I worked in a sandwich assembly line for two days. The shifts amounted to something like 21 hours in total over those 48 hours. It was soul-crushingly tedious, while still being exhaustively demanding.

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Agreed. Maybe add "Travel-Free Shooting" as an alias to Stationary Aiming? Not because it's a good name for a wiki page (it isn't), but editors who've used that page before may look for it in the future.

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@irvandus said:

@snail: Correction. Sonic heroes is the only good sonic game besides the first one.

What? How can you think the first Sonic game is good, but not the second one? Or 3 and & Knuckles, for that matter.

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@sterling said:

So this is what next gen has come to.

Yeah... the HD remakes are coming pretty early. I'm surprised by this announcement.

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Danlon & Dryckert.

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Sonic Heroes was a good game, actually.

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Haha, the quarters are a nice touch (if I understand the reference correctly).


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There's a lot of productive discussion going on in this page, but until Jeff authorizes an official style guide, the unruliness and oddball eclecticism of the wiki will prevail. No matter how much we argue about this, until there is an official stance on what wiki pages should be structured like, threads like these will just sink to the bottom of the forums and only a fraction of potential editors will read them.

Basically, it's very hard to stick to a standard when there really is none, and that causes the wiki to be all over the place. I really think Giant Bomb's wiki would improve by being as streamlined as something like Wikipedia. Sometimes I'm frustrated at a page for being overlong, or just endorsing a structure and style that I find inadequate to the wiki, and yet still conforms to the wiki guidelines (so I can't just righteously edit someone else's work to my own perceptions of what it should be).

This unruliness is part of the reason why I ceased to edit as hard as I used to. I just got to the point when I realized the fun I would be having adding information to this wiki would be exponentially larger if I felt I knew what to expect when I went to a wiki page, if the information tens of thousands of users submitted was a lot more streamlined and easily accessible. Going to a wiki page, currently, is a Russian roulette.

I have been pining for the staff/moderators to release an official style guide for years now. We need that.