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In Back to the Future Part II, Marty travels to October 21, 2015.

That's exactly one year from now.

Clever scientists.

EDIT: Wow, and the delivery date for the actual hoverboard is October 2015. Great Scott!! I don't know what to make of the actual product based on that short video though, I guess it's still in early development. If it's awesome I'm dropping all my other career options and devoting myself to a professional hoverboarding life.

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That's pretty amazing. The skeptic in me is thinking of all the amazing promising medical trials that pop up in the news all that time and that never seem to make the mainstream, and eventually fade from public memory. If this really is made available to the public at large "soon", it's one of the most meaningful medicinal advancements of the last century... or ever, really.

In either case, that formerly wheel-chair bound man that can now walk must be feeling like he's experiencing a miracle.

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@shinjin977: You make a good point, however it's not so much a case of trying to take away a person's "identity" (which must be incredibly flimsy if it is so reliant in a single term to warrant death threats when said label comes under critical scrutiny): it's more a case of trying to get rid of the negative, socially outcast image that the term perpetrates.

Take @heyguys's examples, for instance. The term foodie is bullshit for a lot of reasons - one of them being the fact that we all love food, granting that specific label a particularly arrogant undertone - but it is not detrimental to the food industry. "Gamers", unlike "film buffs", or "readers", have a very specific stereotype attributed to them. They are often perceived in the mass media as something close to social pariahs. It's a reductive label with detrimental effects, that hamper the growth and maturity of this industry into something bigger, better, and more widespread.

To strengthen my point: I challenge you to count how many press conferences, trailers, PR spokespeople, or other verbal forms of marketing specifically namedrop "movie buffs" or "foodies". The prevalence of the term "gamer" in the video-game industry proves a lot about it, and makes its effect all the more noxious. It turns this industry into one that markets to itself.

It's not a term worth keeping just for the sake of teenagers and young adults who seek an "identity" by, ironically, branding themselves as part of a larger group/cult, which, as you pointed out, is precisely what happens, and why people in said group lash out against entirely valid arguments so aggressively.

Perhaps a lot of young people would be better off developing their self-trust in more coherent ways, but that's besides this discussion. I'm not saying "fuck you, stop labelling yourselves" because I hate the people who are doing so, I simply despise the effect said label has on this industry. I want that label to end already, or, less preferably, to radically change facet.

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The word gamer is complete bullshit, even for reasons that have nothing to do with sexism.

There's no equivalent for people who watch movies or listen to music, because those people don't try to brand themselves as part of a cult, as a lot of people who play video-games apparently want to do - probably due to the fact that it's still a sub-culture industry when compared to the two other aforementioned ones.

And whoever is defending the usage of that stupid word is only making sure that video-game culture will remain that way.

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That console was a day one buy for me! Never regretted it.

I might be buying Bayonetta 2 if I get enough money for it, as all the raving reviews got me intrigued enough to want to look past the game's exaggerated eroticism, which always turned me off from the franchise. I just don't get why it's there, it seems exploitative and distasteful. Maybe I'm wrong - after this critical response, I actually want to find out.

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Hint: subtitles are visual things. You see them, you don't hear them.

Think about that.

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If I had to guess what the rationale is behind these fighters, I would say that if the clones weren't there, those slots would probably be empty. It's most likely due to available space/bug testing/other logistics or something along those lines - you're not really creating a whole new fighter, just altering an extant one enough that it warrants more than a reskin.

I don't hate them. They can give a slightly different twist on a character I already enjoy. I've had fun playing as Dark Pit, for instance. I wish Kid Icarus wasn't as disproportionately represented in the game (in the roster and otherwise) but I've found that, kinda like Wolf was to Fox, Dark Pit is a more powerful albeit slower twist on a character I played a ton of in Brawl - which is a fun thing to have.

I too wish there were more original characters but I don't even know if that's a logistically feasible thing to demand of the development team (at least in keeping with the parity between the 3DS and Wii U, since the latter could probably handle a much larger roster... I guess).


@jjor64 said:

From Sakurai in a Famitsu interview.

''There are 3 fighters [Lucina, Dark Pit, and Doctor Mario] that are alternate models (clones) in the game. Each was originally a color variation, but during development, they were given balanced characteristics. Since their functionality had differences, forms were separated from each other. However, it was vital that this didn’t increase the required man-hours. Some relative tuning was sufficient as it wasn’t necessary to create balancing from scratch.''

GoNintendo Linkage

^Basically what I was saying.

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It's The Last Guardian. It's Last Guardian DLC for Smash Bros.

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Yeah just wait duder.

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@l33t_haxor: You can just open this link in an incognito window (or log out and revisit the thread), and the results will be right there.