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It's The Last Guardian. It's Last Guardian DLC for Smash Bros.

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Yeah just wait duder.

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@l33t_haxor: You can just open this link in an incognito window (or log out and revisit the thread), and the results will be right there.

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I wish they'd engineer a way to get stats on how many people use which version of the site, if they haven't already.

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@icyeyes said:

@snail: I think Jeff reviewing it is a "mistake", not because his opinion is "wrong", but because he obviously doesn't enjoy any of the MMO trappings that are the core of the experience. Same as it would be a "mistake" if I reviewed a sports game because I have no interest in them and would probably find the experience terrible. There's a reason people review games in genres they actually like.

It will be a review worth reading, and a valid opinion. I don't see what your complaint is.

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They're too big, and the 5S was better looking than either of them.

Still, taking into consideration the somewhat significantly upgraded innards of the 6, I would probably go with that one given the option of getting any of the 6's and 5's for free. Shame that it's heavier though.

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@icyeyes said:

...I don't think anyone's point of view is "wrong"...

@icyeyes said:

I think Jeff reviewing Destiny is a mistake...

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@lego_my_eggo: I'm just getting an error as well... Would you be willing to get a code for me as well? I'd appreciate it.

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What an unusual percentage of Muppets/Sesame Street avatars in this thread.

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Hardware revisions are neat! It's like we're in the 90's again.

I want one of those!