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Ah grinding......... so much of that i had to do in Final Fantasy Type 0, still a spectacular game.

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I am getting low fps and the textures are really funky/ugly. Don't know what is going on since i have a gtx 770, i5 3570k, 8gb ram so i don't know what is causing this, Does anyone else have this issue?

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@deakor said:

What do you enjoy playing (aside from Fire Emblem, of course)?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a lot of fun and I have put a bunch of hours into that recently.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a neat game as well.

Super Mario 3D Land is an outstanding 3d platformer (sort of a melding of the 2d and 3d Mario games).

Those are the three I'd probably recommend right off the bat.

What about animal crossing makes people love it so much?

I want a game that also has a good amount of content, what is the game length of Dark moon? I heard mario get's boring after you finish it.

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@fancysoapsman: Is it first person turn based combat like dragon quest? if that's the case, not my type of combat for a rpg, too boring.

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Got a 3DS 2 weeks ago ,got fire emblem with it and loved it, put it dozens of hours into it. What game would you recommend that I get next?

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@azteck said:

@snakeitachi: Funny though how your comment on the whole community would, logically, encompass you as well. Besides, literally the first reply you got gave you exactly the reply you sought, so why react like you were just insulted?

Look at this!!!! I'm getting targeted when i speak my opinion, typical giantbomb!

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Ah how i love the giantbomb community!!!!

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Pre ordered it off GMG and tried to activate it on steam with the code they gave me and kept saying ''invalid'' anyone else having this issue?!?!?