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overhyped = dissapointing Results 0

After two hours I got bored and frustrated with the game. It looked like a game that had the potential of being great but failed in its execution. This is hardly a review after you read this you should google "the last story wii dissapointment review" to decide if this game is worth your time, which I can't tell you its not. Here's my pro's and cons though:Pro1) able to move and fight freely during battles. 2) You have Ai teamates to help you in battle. 3) four to five bars to resurrect you if ...

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What the hell happen 0

The game to me was a dissapointment, I don't know where to really begin. I'll try too keep this short and simple, I've rented this game, which I recommend others do before they decide to buy. After completing the first campaign, I was already bored and lost interest, and the first campaign I've played was CHRIS which was suppose to be the highlight of the action gamplay shooter. After that the game started to feel like a chore and each chapters were almost two hours long. I'll just add pros and ...

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hate but love but hate. 0

Let me first start with letting you know that my reviews isn't going to be incredible, and I'm not somebody who plans on making a living for it. I have insomina, so I'm just trying to kill some time and I figure I could help and possibly enchance my writting skills. Lets begins:I have a mix feeling to this game but I think most of the hate I encounter towards it must be from the system I chose to play it on and a five year old video game. I'm going to point out the bad stuff about this game, sta...

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