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The saddest part about this whole Skyrim mess isn't really that the game is (completely) broken on the PS3. There's no question that it's a really bad situation to be in for people who bought the PS3 copy – they deserve a working game, but the issue isn't really Skyrim not working.

What's worrying me is that Bethesda simply gets away with putting out a broken product. No one is willing to ask the tough questions, and there won't be any consequences for Bethesda. I'm surprised no one has sued them yet as there's absolutely no way they did not know about the problems. It's something they must have known about prior to the release of the product. Sony isn't doing anything , retail isn't doing anything, the press isn't doing anything.

We don't need the press to tell us what features a game has, we need the press to step up and complain (for us) when stuff like this happens. Unless you're famous and reach a lot of people, you're simply out of luck. We've seen that countless times (Xbox Live hacks, for example). Where's the response from Sony PR? How come they let such a broken game through cert when it clearly fails some of the requirements (not all Trophies can be obtained unless you're playing the English version). Skyrim only got a 'ok' from Sony certification because it's a huge game and no one is telling anyone about that. Everyone is up and arms about Bethesda releasing a broken game, but we should ask “Why can they even do that?”. It seems like it's because the platform holder doesn't care, because the press is not willing to give them a hard time and because you cannot simply return your copy of the game once you encounter all the problems and glitches.

Someone should make a feature about the Skyrim-mess on PS3. When did they know they were shipping a broken product? How did Sony react when they found out this well selling game wouldn't/shouldn't pass certification? Why did Bethesda lie to their customers about the engine they're using? Why doesn't anyone say 'No, we simply cannot make it for PS3' when they clearly know that their engine doesn't work well on that platform? That's what I want to know.

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It's not smart to ask whether the asked price of $12.99 "is a good [price]". No one voting has played the game so they can only judge the value by what they've seen – not by what they've played. What he should be asking is "Are you okay with paying more for no reason?". That's the question that gamers should ask themselves.

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Sometimes I'm really glad to live in the EU. At least I know my government is going after EA for their Origin Terms of Service and that any EULA/TOS I have to agree after buying the console is worthless (unless I knew about everything prior to paying the money).

Xbox Live may be a different thing but as soon as I need to upgrade to the new Dashboard in order to play Xbox 360 games, I know whatever I agree to is worthless. :)

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Can't wait. I actually hope they keep the tank controls, they're just part of the series and getting rid of them would mean that Capcom wants to make it even more like and other third person shooter. However, I really hope PlayStation-Move controls are part of the package - the Wii-Mote was amazing in RE4 and playing RE5 with Move was a great experience as well.

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Exclusive tracks? Fuck off. Is my support worth less because I'm not using iTunes? Seems like it so I should not spend any money on it at all. :)

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In Germany it's not even allowed to have 18+ rated videos on your website. You'd have to make sure that only 18yr olds could watch the videos (which is impossible). That's also the reason why Sony can't release most of the game trailers on the PSN. This all only applies to gore/voilent content, as far as I know. However, showing tits and nipples on TV... at 1pm is not problem at all.

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Erster Deutscher, der hier postet, oder? Wohne allerdings nicht mehr dort. :-) 

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@JJWeatherman said:
" @snap: They're working on an RSS feed, but right now you have to download each video individually. "
Yeah, that's what they said on the Bombcast, but it seems like a solution that doesn't really fix the problem. Try having about 200 Episodes of your "Podcast" available on iTunes - I don't think that's going to work well enough. Another thing is the fact that the RSS-Adress has to be changed constantly in order to prevent piracy. Why not just allow us to use a download manager? Most of them support logins and there wouldn't be a problem with availability of the files, etc.  
Uploading a .txt file with every single link to the HD download is not really a problem and only those who are (paid) members could use it, since the server asks you for your password anyways. I'm not saying the Idea of having an RSS Feed isn't great, but it's far from optimal for those who want to download all the old stuff like the Endurance Runs or older QuickLooks. It's perfect to automatically have everything that's new, though. 
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There currently isn't an easy option to download all the Endurance Run Episode, is there? I've tried using a download manager, pasted the URL for the HD in there, but it doesn't seem to work. My download manager supports using Logins, but my Whiskey Media login doesn't work either. If it downloads something it's just some .html file.  
My problem is that (while I love the HD quality) I cannot download the videos at home and when I have the chance to use a fast internet connection I don't have the time to click every video, select HD download, right click -> save it, etc. There has to be an easier way, right?  
(Oh, and sorry for pushing this Thread, but I didn't want to create a new one)

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Very good idea! 
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